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Why Are Synthetic Drugs So Dangerous?

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Why Are Synthetic Drugs So Dangerous?

This week Reactions takes a look into the science of why synthetic drugs are so dangerous. We answer this question by examining the chemistry of two kinds of synthetic drugs: bath salts and synthetic marijuana.

*Correction: While Kratom is a plant, and not synthetic, it is listed as a Drug and Chemical of Concern by the DEA, and is marketed as a synthetic drug at gas stations and other vendors.

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Planet Funk – Chase the Sun

Elaine Seward

Sophia Cai

Executive Producer:
Adam Dylewski

Scientific consultants:
David Kroll, Ph.D.
Darcy Gentleman, Ph.D.
Sophia Cai


Ever wonder why dogs sniff each others’ butts? Or how Adderall works? Or whether it’s OK to pee in the pool? We’ve got you covered: Reactions a web series about the chemistry that surrounds you every day.

Reactions is produced by the American Chemical Society.
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Synthetic cannabinoids are a class of chemicals that bind to cannabinoid receptors in the body, but that are different from the natural cannabinoids in cannabis .

J.T. Nicholson presents “Spiced Out: The Documentary” We Smoked Spice For A Week And Documented Please Watch And Share Your Story To Help People .

Legal highs are set to be outlawed by the British government in response to a growing number of news reports about students overdosing on the synthetic drugs .

A documentary about the effects of synthetic drugs. This documentary includes interviews with the addicts, raw footage of addicts overdosing and information .

35 thoughts on “Why Are Synthetic Drugs So Dangerous?

  1. E- Fangz

    Kratom is an all natural organically produced plant not a synthesized drug.

  2. pepe 2001

    You clearly just try to scare everyone. Stop categorizing everything. I have no idea what the fuck people on these videos took. I used NEP many times and it can be classified as "bath salts" (God, I hate that name with passion) but effects are completely different than these showed in this video. Even on higher doses u would not even think of doing some stupid shit like that. Just because something is in form of crystals or powder doesn't mean that it's the same as dozens of other similar substances in the same form. And not every chemical drug is so deadly! Just use it safely and buy from safe sources. And always do research before. Everything can be dangerous if used the wrong way.

  3. vishala ramjattansingh


  4. TheBic4

    Kratom isn’t synthetic you fucking idiots

  5. Pendorch0

    "synthetic drugs" is quite a misleading title considering that only cathinones and synthetic cannabinoids are the topic of the video, the rest is fine dont get me wrong but you cannot judge a drugs safety profile because of their synthetic creation

  6. Lady Kabocha

    Kratom is a natural herb it's got nothing to do with these synthetic drugs so don't put them in the same category dumbass!

  7. SoylentGamer

    These are all problems happening because people who are currently addicted to drugs don't have access to the proper tools they need to safely consume these drugs. Many cathinone based stimulants are very safe if dosed properly, as a matter of fact cathinone itself originates from Khat, a plant very popular in parts of Africa and the Middle East for its stimulant effects.

  8. Erwa Chsen

    So much wrong in this video, why cant anyone make Youtube Videos because a educational purpose and not for money?

  9. Poisontype The Junglist


    You fucking goons.
    Correction, be damned.
    I can't believe you made a report without doing even rudimentary research on all of your subjects. Trump was right about fake news. This is why people think Sam Hyde has killed a thousand people

  10. lightviolets

    This is just a video intended to provoke fear. Very biased. Kratom shouldn't even be on that list. I call total bullshit.

  11. Diane G

    Bath salts, meth, dmt, synth Pot. psych meds and Many other manufactured drugs are witchcraft. And for the Christians that believe in God and then bible look up #g5331 Pharmakeia/sorcery and then look up Rev 18:23. When ever someone takes a drug to deliberately alter their mind that is witchcraft in the spirit realm. You are opening a spiritual portal into your mind and demons enter and Jack with your mind, give u super human strength. Why do you think they say they are being chased by demons and become paranoid or violent. Those demons are very real but we cant see them. This is why people become uncontrollable, irrational and delusional, when someone cant control their thoughts, mouth or their actions you can bet a demon has taken control. Wonder why some side effects of psych drugs, are fever, trembling, shock, seizure, anxiety, thoughts of suicide or even death? Powerful demons do these things to your body when you give them permission by wilfully taking these drugs to perform sorcery on your mind. Demons dont care if you know better or not….in fact they count on your ignorance.
    Show less

  12. Lucas Urban

    Isnt Kratum a healthy drug?

  13. Edgar Phillips

    They showed a bunch of popular pot strains when they were saying how dangerous it is…. Hybrid plants and selective breeding of kush is also not sythetic. Mr nice guy & ak47 are not sythetics

  14. Edgar Phillips

    When i first heard about this stuff it did seem fun and cheap im so glad i did my homework first. I tried salvia still it was crazy but short so it was okey. Just stick to the real drugs. Or just smoke kush is the best way or just dont do it at all. I smoke kush tho not ganna loe

  15. DeoxyRibo Nucleic Acid

    Don't need it.Find the main source and eliminate it.

  16. din mamma

    kratom, synthetic? pfft.
    get your facts together.

  17. MAX

    Lol I like how she said "don't do synthetic drugs and neither any kind of drugs lol

  18. Jason Straurss

    Chasing the sun by planet funk🙌

  19. Drake Blau

    kratom isnt synthetic? dummy

  20. Bro Brah

    because that shit is too dank.

  21. dave oneil

    life was good in the 80s and 90s

  22. babe brown

    ITS NOT EVEN Close

  23. rhyfel zen

    Police cuts, NHS short of funding, drug and alcohol services budgets slashed, the Tory government couldn't give a shit, to get any help in the UK you need to be a foreigner.

  24. rhyfel zen

    Most of this spice shit is coming in from China

  25. TheTerryTurbo123

    Uploader is a total wanker and probably smoking Spice to have put the same vid on twice.

  26. Ray Rooney

    shite documentary

  27. Death Proof

    I've tried a few things in my younger years. I smoke weed everyday. I tried spice for the 1st time today. I took 1 hit and stepped into the Twilight Zone. This is the worst drug I've seen. It takes people's souls.. Turns them into zombies. The guys I got it from looked like the living dead. These Arab stores sell it here. Secretly….

  28. Jeffrey Bozko

    wow and this shit is legal wtf

  29. ItsDatBoiOhShitWaddup3420

    Really wish I could quit spice this shit is hell it makes you so sick worse than heroin

  30. Lovely Disgrace

    Legalizing actual cannabis will probably take the wind out of the sails of the manufacturers…

  31. MoustacheCloud

    Interesting, worth watching.

  32. m s

    Available at emporium in leigh

  33. 506jimbob

    Right lads,wheres the dealer

  34. Nopainnogain Hurts

    I would stick my penis right between her boobies

  35. Caroline Mcdonnell

    Off the spice onto the crack

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