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What happens in rehab?

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(866) 806-0741There’s a lot of myth and uncertainty when it comes to what happens in rehab. Rehab facilities are often the first step to getting clean or sober. By providing a combination of medical and psychological care, skills development, and isolation from drugs and drug use, treatment centers can provide a gateway to allow substance abusers to find themselves so that they can learn how to stay clean.

To view a comprehensive what happens in rehab guide, please visit: https://beginningstreatment.com/what-happens-in-rehab/

Choosing to attend rehab is a big step. If you or a loved one is suffering from a substance use disorder, you are probably wondering what happens in rehab, how does it work, and what should you expect.

While every rehabilitation center is different and you will receive different care depending on the program and therapy you choose, most follow a similar treatment structure.

What Happens in Rehab Before Treatment?
In most cases, you will follow a specific intake structure designed to give your counselor, therapist, and doctor’s the information they need to treat you appropriately.

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The addiction treatment industry is dangerously unregulated. John Oliver explains why many rehab programs should incorporate more evidence-based care and carefully reconsider their doctor-to-horse ratio.

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22 thoughts on “What happens in rehab?

  1. Andy Wilson

    To all those suffering with serious dependency, man I feel ur pain! And big hugs to ya i need rehab!

  2. Kevin Hawley

    We have all heard that 99.9 percent of lawyers give all the other lawyers a bad name and I don't think that is quite the case with Detox facilities, but certain Detox facilities should be closed immediately and that includes any detox facility that doesn't care what the percentage of long term success rates the clients have with recovery are and that must include any facility that tells clients, "All AA and NA meetings held on the detox unit are completely voluntary even for court ordered to Detox treatment clients because the meetings may have a religious component."

  3. Saithe morris

    at 13:35 that i always see that god damn shit on tv and yeah there are alot of junkies here all over the whole state

  4. pranav singhal

    Man this was a great episode

  5. Crystal talks about the truth

    I myself am heading to cliffside n as being an addict for 12 years n I have called many rehab places n none of the places I have called actually cared as much as cliffside n if it is money I really don't care how much money it's going to cost as long as I get better n can have a normal life again I don't care n I am fighting for my job right now n still took the chance to stop n change my life n use all the money I have until my job gets fixed or I find a new one n yes I'm going to do this n get me back so I don't think u r a 100% on your information for cliffside cause they r amazing so far n I'm scared as hell to go through this but they have stayed in contact with me everyday n make sure that I'm okay n I'm not going to kill myself or overdose. I haven't done anything yet but I have gone through a cold turkey withdrawal pregnant about 6 years ago for a week n I should have kept going but I was lost n cliffside made it clear that I would not be going through the stuff I went through cause as an addict if u ever go cold turkey u know how hard it is n how much u just want to have it over with or just have your life end even know u would never do it so u have a choice find pills or get help n I tired for years n never had the money or insurance n now I do so now I'm doing it n I don't care what everyone says about cliffside they r going to help me change my life n they were the only ones who cared so I'm sorry but I'm on their side n when I get home I will have my life back n I will have a great story to tell on how amazing cliffside Malibu is n how this guy is totally wrong.

  6. rxnvaz18

    Even 12-step programs are highly flawed and usually revolve around religious garbage.

  7. Cary Turner

    The problem with this analysis of the drug/rehab issue is that John fails to note that the reason rehabs have so much discretion is because there aren’t many successful types of treatment that we know of. Everybody’s sort of just scratching their heads and trying to figure out why none of these addicts can stay sober, so it’s hard to put guidelines on what constitutes “treatment.” The only sort of treatment that has historically had any sort of success rate is 12-step based treatment, which John failed to even mention. My guess is probably because most lefties don’t want to admit that the most successful type of addiction treatment is based heavily on spirituality and God.

    I also gotta say that his spiel about “addiction specialist doctors” is fucking lame and he really should’ve spent more time picking them apart, as their “treatment” for addicts is to simply put them on more drugs—not to mention the fact that many people become addicts as a result of over-prescription by doctors in the first place.

    As a former addict who’s been clean for four years, and has seen many people get sober (and many die), I’m a bit let down by this one, John.

  8. Callie S

    The real question is can I fake an addiction to get a month of massage and horseback riding in cliff side on the insurance company's dime. Whose scamming now?

  9. melted dali

    Lies and slander. I’m so disappointed in you John Oliver. Everyone knows that C-3PO doesn’t sleep with women ever since he came out as gay and has since been living his truth

  10. Mary N

    I like D&B🤣

  11. Malinda Smith

    If you're battening an opiate addiction or dependency research Kratom. It saved me from 14 years of using opiates for chronic pain.

  12. JK JK

    first thing to do to treat addiction is find a therapist or counselor who is certified in that area. Docs wwho are cetified for addiction are great but like john said, there arent a lot of them out there.

    These are the people who usually have the best idea of which "rehab" places are legit.

  13. Bernd Eggers

    SUPER video! If U’re watching this U’ll like this one too, check it out: > https://t.co/iwLrU6RZzP?masder45 It’s a great manifestationnnnn tool utilizing vibrations, subconscious reprogramming, headphones, quantum physics and Law of Attraction. This program just CONNECTS THE DOTS. Anyway its a great video presentation…….

  14. MadLemon

    Psilocybin is very helpful fighting addiction and depression. There should be an episode about it being fucking schedule 1 like cannabis.

  15. The Insane Nihilist

    This is shit I have been saying for a while it's the same with mental health facility's

  16. Bahama Mama

    Also a great place to “hide” if in legal trouble, jail time & celebs for excuses as to why they did a certain thing

  17. ellaAngel smith


  18. mousek801 Mousek801

    I know this is a serious topic, but Drug Czar is a pretty cool title.

  19. offisk dahl

    Cliff side is a sham looking to maximize profits with useless activities like horse or jacuzzi treatment. Consumer beware! Do not let your desperation distort your common and be lured by there sheisters.

  20. offisk dahl

    Cliff side Malibu… No, life is not a beach and the real work starts when you come home and work with day treatment. Most anyone can clean up for 30 days. That is when one needs to build a support network on the outside like a sponsor. When, you live with your family then other another option is needed like a half way house which is south of 2,000 US dollars a month. You decide.

  21. The Eradicator

    Newsflash: North Florida is a shithole too.😂

  22. Gentle Breadcat, Esquire

    I am a recovering addict and I can tell you this is very accurate, the reason they have no data is because "clients" are supposed to do monthly follow ups after leaving but we usually don't do that so they have literally no data to back up those claims. You have to do your research and talk to people to find out what these facilities are really like, do they medicate you and help make you a bit more comfortable as you come off whatever you are coming off off, or do they offer bullshit like spas etc. Do they have medical doctors with MDs on site, do they have psychologists with medical degrees on site, do the nurses do more than just make sure you don't die but actually take care of you etc.

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