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Virtual Opioid 2.0 – Multilayered Frequencies – Sedative Effect – Pain Relief Binaural beats

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A variation of the original upload, where the frequencies were played in sequence. In this session, all four frequencies are blended together.

Lie down somewhere comfortable, and listen with headphones.

MP3 Download: http://www.binauralbeatshub.com/?product=vo2

2.5 Hz (delta) – Endogenous Opiates
10 Hz (alpha) – Norepinephrine, Serotonin + Endorphins
22.5 (beta) – Serotonin
38 Hz (beta) – Endorphins

These audios should not be used as a replacement for the care of your physician.
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20 thoughts on “Virtual Opioid 2.0 – Multilayered Frequencies – Sedative Effect – Pain Relief Binaural beats

  1. Kri MD

    I get sick of the same ad the plays every time I try to watch a video. So annoying

  2. Kri MD

    I like this one. With the layering and pitch , it’s more relaxing and stimulating and tolerable than many of the vids I’ve heard. I could do without the particular water sounds featured and instead have more of a rainfall sound , rather than trickling water sounds. The endogenous release or stimulation of brains natural opioid production seems to be very apparent for me right now ,at least .., this is kind of potentiating the effects already present with medication. Has a warm feeling and is def set at proper frequency and pitch that’s more positively reactive ,imo … I’ll have to try to listen again if I’m not combining this endogenous therapy with medication to see the effects. I’ve listened to this previously but it’s been a while so I’m not sure as to the effects without Meds or in place of ( yet this is medically / neurologically / physiologically , a valid form of treatment that has genuinely authentic or legit effects involving our brains natural production of neurotransmission of chem. Just for anyone who’s questioning the effectiveness of this type of stimulation via frequency based entrainment .. it is medically shown that via DBS, ( deep brain stimulation) , combining of two slightly differing frequencies creating alteration in pitch between two tuned instruments , creating imbalance of tonality in varying degrees of hertz , that this proves viable and visibly can be seen via MRI imaging , showing heightened activity in basal region of the brain , can be detected in EEG monitoring , affecting various electrical paths and synapses and has been shown to increase firing of synapses and production of various neurotransmitters and release and production of dopamine , serotonin and other endogenous chem. As well , such as oxytocin , the bonding hormone and norepinephrine ( of course I’m not able to accurately remark over specifically in this particular case , as to which chemicals are being produced and as to which receptors are being affected without being able to identify specifically , via imaging or taking an educated guess , regarding the validity of the actual hertz range from 0-25 that possibly the range of frequency is functioning at but I’m assuming it’s primarily going to sit around 10 or so and I’m just assuming Bc I’ve not read the description lol or if I have , it’s bn a while back n can’t remember lol.
    It’s def. effective and I hope that gives some of you some positive peace of mind , regarding whether or not this method will be beneficial for you or have positive results..
    I began studying further into frequency entrainment / endogenous frequency / delivery via music , binaural frequency therapy etc. after deciding to use these techniques to create some original compositions , implementing the use of frequencies to incorporate into some of my music , as I’ve for some time now , been creating some songs in order to be meditative tools for patients to combat anxiety , stress , depression , OCD, various movement disorders , like dystonia, Parkinson’s , as well as for patients with early onset of Alzheimer’s, dementia , dissociative disorders , other secondary psychiatric conditions, for the management/ reduction of neuropathy pain , not limited to that, often associated with diabetes , but among other neurological disorders, as a tool of treatment / therapeutic process for patients with autoimmune / rheumatic conditions and patients with muscle rigidity and mixed connective tissue disease ( also an autoimmune disorder) , to promote relaxation, calm energy & promote healing that can benefit patients regarding so many conditions, of neurological / physiological/ psychological/ psychiatric / systemic/ autonomic or physical involvement and origin BUT , while my objective is to not only assist patients with therapeutic means of combatting primary and secondary illnesses or symptoms , I’ve wanted to focus on providing meditative musical compositions / sounds that promote healing, positive energy, that have a homeostatic benefit physiologically,but even greater , that can be a powerfully beneficial source of emotional and spiritual healing , as well as being a beautiful,loving,emotionally charged,connected and both uplifting and deeply, profoundly- felt,resonating and yet, delicate , dynamic and both vulnerable and pure, as well as moving and empowering melodic instrumental source of combining my songs with the stereo frequencies created to additionally create within the mind , the stimulation and production of the various mood enhancing feel good chemicals that are naturally produced by our bodies during the neurotransmission process and I give the lord God ,almighty praise for creating us with such intricate detail , that he’s given us the ability to at a physiological and neurological & every other way he’s provided us medically or biologically/ emotionally / spiritually , mentally etc. to function thrive and have healing and vitality , to recover from injury or illness or to combat the negative effects that cause or worsen anxiety or depression or emotional / physical pain and my desire to create my songs for meditative purposes , extends beyond the medical aspects I’ve felt patients will benefit from , as my focus has been to create music that includes use of frequencies / binaural effects as well as healing sounds& music created for meditation and prayer time and for this purpose& desire , I’m producing only the compositions of my music, to stand alone, to be part of meditative prayer time or reflection / deep healing for emotional pain that involves the heart of hearts being in need of repair in times of brokenness and pain. We all are capable of experiencing great healing and being restored and revitalized via the beautiful way the lord God has allowed us to connect to him from our hearts and feel his love and meditation is similar to prayer in that we r communicating n connecting to the lord but where prayer is us conveying our hearts concerns/needs to God, mediation is our hearts connecting and communicating with the lord , thru an emotional connection & heart response to our feelings & is an exercise or Process at the soul level where even where absent of words crying out vocally , our hearts desires are felt, made known and brought to the surface in our meditative state where we then in our spirit and our heart are able to listen ! Listen to ourselves inwardly and to search our hearts & identify & connect at a true yet vulnerable n delicate level , our feelings or our emotions and truest sense of who
    We are in the depths of our hearts and souls that aren’t revealed outwardly to the world but that which connect us to the lord as well as helping us cope ,to search within and identify with our innermost desires and needs and to be able to listen to God speak to us at our hearts core and at the soul level of who we are, our spirit , our heart .. medication is beautiful Bc it’s our ability to be still and listen. To feel the energy and the love, where God allows us to find healing at the heart. Where we can receive answers without having to outwardly ask questions. And I’m going to post below this as not to run out of space lol.

  3. Sieren Tokiio

    Can u put one up without the water plz

  4. Dayna Jingles

    This one I like. Is this safe for Bi Polar or PTSD?

  5. Joseph Porter

    If this didnt work 4 u try another video what works for me might not work 4 u it takes time research work practice to heal yourself if it were 2 come easy what would it be worth it didnt take 2 weeks to get into a situation it wont take 2 weeks 2 get out your not losing ur mind u just made bad life choices and are having trouble dealing with the consequences

  6. Grenge g

    bit sstoned

  7. Maylee1973

    I don't know if anyone looks at these comments anymore….. 16 minutes in and my pain went from a 10 to a 5.5….. No high gladly, but wow this is so good!

  8. Stephanie Ann

    OK, this is the experience of my 8 yr old granddaughter, who had no idea what "Nana" was doing lol. She came down with what I assume was a major ear infection, in a lot of pain last night, nothing helping OTC. Being a fan of BB for sleep, for myself, I turned to YouTube. I chose this, within 1 MINUTE, her distress, crying, restlessness, turned into a half smile and a "I love you Nana, thank you for helping with my ear, Goodnight.." LOL. She was asleep in 5 ms or less. Lol. I'm a believer!

  9. Lisa Joyce

    helping some I'm not an addict but physically dependent and sometimes run short a few dats before appointment because of worsening back pain I hve ms addisons lupus ddd and work part time at krogers because I need their insurance medicare isn't enouh and my back and knees hury bad every night when I get off sometimes I will take an extra pill to get the pain down although mist days I just suffer and physical dependence isn't the same as addiction I don't get high it gord to the pain

  10. Faithful Warrior of JESUS CHRIST

    This really works. Sends chills all over my body. Must try.

  11. Bandicoot

    O.K, alright, I had a wired afternoon and evening, got this going, and I feel happy inside, if it works don't fix it,  I'm having a time even writing this, I'm not kidding, Boo Quo thanks!

  12. Drumroll418

    If you combine this with some good deep breathing (4-7-8 is what I use), to increase GABA and calm the mind a bit, it feels really nice. The euphoria is a little less from the relaxed mind, but the pain blocking of the opiates is slightly enhanced.

  13. Taylor Dunn

    This and ALL digital "drugs" are ridiculous. nothing, absolutely nothing is binding to your MUOR's AKA Mu Opioid Receptors. i am a chronic pain patient as well as a doctor and i can tell all of you from personal experience that unless an external source of chemical that mimics ENDORPHIN not seratonin or dopamine although the dopamine would help, any pain killing affects someone might notice are completely physcosamatic.

  14. joe yudt

    weak but accurate. feels like hydrocodone.

  15. Darcie Michna

    Hi this
    Is darcie from Costa mesa CA I feel very high and I feel very euphoria this am and it's so good it's also awesome for my anxiety cut
    I have it bad. So thanks 4 being on u tube.

  16. Gammareign

    THis could get addictive.

  17. Stefanie Longbrake

    Maybe this is what it sounded like, it seemed much more soothing when I first listened, a great natural pain reliever.

  18. Perceptive Stride

    This is probably my lesat favorite out of all 3 virtual opiod videos, but still very relaxing. This one made me the most sleepiest lol. I may just fall asleep to this right now 🙂 Thanks

  19. IamtheTrollulove tohate

    no where near as good as smack

  20. DuBstep0VERD0SE

    I don't want to fall asleep when I feel that good-I want it to keep on going.  but its also nice to fall asleep feeling like that.. ha

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