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The Secret Life of a Drug Addict

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WARNING: This video is 100% real and 100% unfiltered viewer discretion advised.
Meet Sandra… She has been struggling with drug abuse since she was 14 years old… Here is her story.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, help them get help! Links below are here for you to help!

National helpline: https://www.samhsa.gov/find-help/national-helpline

Give (non profit): https://losangelesmission.org/give/

Volunteer and get assistance: https://www.epath.org

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20 thoughts on “The Secret Life of a Drug Addict

  1. Hideki Tojo

    democrat voters

  2. Plantz diabetic

    Check out #heropiatefix channel he dropping the smoke on this opiate and heroin lifestyle .

  3. Disco187 Disco187

    plenty of people vape to get off of cigs, ive seen from experience that was a stupid thing for her to say. and plenty smoke or drink and stop there. I was in the game for years with hard drugs

  4. Disco187 Disco187

    started blowing a couple grand a wk partying every night watching x rated movies with multiple naked gourgous girls in my apartment , three vehicles great job anyting i wanted . ten years later I was sleeping in a park in the middlel of febuary with only the close on my back, during my 20's and early 30s

  5. Monse .T

    My sister was addicted to herion I remember waking into her room always tilting her head back and stuff and one day she told us she thought she might be pregnant so we went to the doctors and found she was 6 months pregnant at the time she told me that it was really hard for her to quit but she was determined to stop because if she continued my nephew would of been addicted as a baby she said her phone hurt , she would throw up a lot all the things the lady said a few months forward my nephew was born ,he was born dead but was able to be bright back and I vibadly remember that whole summer he was also getting with drawls and he would cry and cry till he would turn red every time I think about It ,it reminds me not to stuff like that that goes into your blood my sisters wrongs cause another life harm 🙁

  6. Bailey Holloway

    I suffer through addiction
    I'm addicted to your videos :3

  7. Danielius Garrison

    Try taking some Ibogain plant treatment with Dr. Alain @ +237674672039

  8. Amyremix

    Thank you for making this video, really gives non-users of drugs an insight of what drug addiction is live from the personal point of view, hope to see more!

  9. Jamie Eve

    Some of your viewers do suffer from addiction…

  10. David Carroll

    I ain’t criticising no one. There but for the grace of God go I. Springs to mind. But vape? It’s been a great help to me kicking my nicotine habit. Yes everything is open to abuse.
    How about a dope cake? LOh my little boy loves having a cookie with his coffee bless him” when in actuality he’s getting high. Should we ban eating? Might as well do. It’s open to abuse.
    Sorry for getting off track, heroin addiction is no joke, and I don’t have anything condescending I would want to say to anyone in that horrible trap. And that’s what it is, a trap set by Satan himself. Keep well away like the brave lady says, x

  11. Samantha Willis

    When people spell heroin as heroine ….😩😩 great video though. I'm in the process of getting my hep c treated. I've had to jump through some hoops but I'm greatful for the opportunity

  12. Ashley Eustice

    I had endocarditis twice and two open heart surgeries due to heroin. This is the reality

  13. Ashley Eustice

    I was a heroin addict. I think you’re doing a good thing. 🙁 this was super hard to watch.

  14. rebecca rice

    Your neck is not a shirt so do not hang it
    Your skin is not a paper so do not cut it
    your heart is not a door so do not block it
    Your life is not a movie so do not finish it

    Please listen to this…Your life matters

  15. Allen Galvan

    ur a fukn idiot u dnt kno shit

  16. thomas allen

    For being an addict her body sure isn't all that bad.

  17. BloodLikeLemonade

    I love this. Not in a bad way. Addiction is fucking hard.

  18. Hayley Perucca

    She seems better off than a lot of addicts. She seems there and conscious

  19. Haley Young

    I love that u do that addiction ruined my family my brother was a drug addict i just love what ur doing

  20. Ana M

    I suffer from food addiction/ binge eating disorder. It's hard…

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