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The Hard Lives of Britain’s Synthetic Marijuana Addicts

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The Hard Lives of Britain's Synthetic Marijuana Addicts

Legal highs are set to be outlawed by the British government in response to a growing number of news reports about students overdosing on the synthetic drugs after using them recreationally. On the eve of the ban, VICE travelled to Manchester to meet some more vulnerable users who have become addicted to these over-the-counter substances and discovered that solving the problem won’t be as simple as making legal highs illegal.

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20 thoughts on “The Hard Lives of Britain’s Synthetic Marijuana Addicts

  1. Med Otaku

    The only thing that really pisses me off about "spice" is that some politicians are using it as an example of what happens when you legalize marijuana.

    These two substances are barely even remotely related. Yet they're being used as fodder to further fuel this senseless Drug War.

  2. AAA Guy

    my dad quit a few days ago. proud of him after a break through, fuck synnies (what we call em in nz). Got sick n tired of finding him blown off on the ground with the bucky (budget bong in nz) water on the floor and also the loud screams. fucking traumatic. i pray for yous on recovery. bless 😉

  3. Jonathan Smith

    We call it mojo down here but I’ve seen crack heads down my street leave dope to smoke this shit smh

  4. Al O

    Smoked it and ended up in a mental institution never again !

  5. Steve P

    Fake pot got even shadier after the JWH drugs were banned. Most of the "herbal blends" started using more obscure cannabinoids with even less margin of error. I tried one of the new ones out of curiosity back in early '12 – time froze and I was vividly hearing voices. Never had anything like that in my life.

  6. Steve P

    My ex-gf let this shit ruin her. She'd done real MJ and even hard drugs for years, but Spice was IT for her. Eventually she started stealing cash from her terminally ill mother to buy more. Never acted like this before.

  7. Steve Sharp

    I cant stop, I injected one 'Cannaboid' once and I went on to mispeak on a vice video.. my life is ruined.,

  8. Eliminator Performance


  9. Vincent_ Insanity

    Normal weed is better

  10. L Erikson13

    It's a fuckin' air freshener that shit ain't anything close to weed or the high throw that shit away it'll kill you

  11. piccil. MP4

    Y legalise that shit and not weed it’s stupid

  12. crip

    Firstly, shoutout to the moronic doctors who couldn’t slow the kids heart down, he would have been having such a bad panic attack and seriously? You don’t know how to slow his heart down? Put him on a drip and inject him with diazepam, if it can lower everyone else’s heart rate when they are having drug induced panic attacks or drug induced higher heart rate it would do it for him too. Idiot doctors sometimes, seriously they probably wouldn’t even help him cause he was a junkie. Oh hey I don’t believe in drugs so I’m not giving you a drug that could save your life with no side effects. Some doctors are assholes.

  13. Brandon Hattingh

    Similar to glue sniffing no?

  14. Tom Paterson-Jones

    A weird amount of good looking blokes in this doc lmao

  15. wyteboy423

    😂😂play stupid games win stupid prizes😂😂

  16. jonnybaze

    Does anyone think spice and weed are similar in high? I've never heard it compared.

  17. jonnybaze

    Why are you calling it synthetic weed??????? It's not. Calling it that implies that it is safe, can't kill you and non additive. That's dangerous. We call it spice because it's not weed, won't test positive for weed and common sense.

  18. Jeremy McGrath


  19. lvly bbg

    I had no fucking idea what he was saying in the beginning 😂😂😂

  20. karl doofenschmirz

    Spicey topic

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