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Sedative Hypnotics – Benzodiazepines

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Sedative Hypnotics - Benzodiazepines

The information contained in this video is for educational purposes only. Description of the appropriate uses and the unfortunate abuses of benzodiazepine sedatives, discussion of related drugs such as zolpidem, general anesthesia drugs and SSRIs for treatment of anxiety.
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Music video by Snoop Dogg performing Sensual Seduction. (C) 2007 Doggy Style/Geffen Records
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24 thoughts on “Sedative Hypnotics – Benzodiazepines

  1. Nikhil

    It's really helpful lecture, I learned a lot in half an hour, rather than my 2 weeks ago pharmacology classes, Thank you so much again 😍😍😍👍

  2. Stephen Dawe

    Valium isn't sedative in small doses.Mother's little helpers didn't mean knocked out, 10mg great for housework!Temazepam is just crap.

  3. chris wood

    i really find these vids very interesting,thanks D"r" paul:)

  4. Max

    I have used lorazepam and Diclazepam. Fun. safer than alcohol. both were only used once. lorazepam in a hospital setting. 2 chloro diazepam (DICLAZEPAM) not so much. and mixed with cider. 40 days clean and sober today. 15 days off cigarettes. yay.

  5. Logan Moore

    Aww helll nah this ain’t it uncle snoop 😂 I love you but come on man you knew this shit was whack when you were finished making it

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  7. Rio De Guerra

    BR 09/09/2018…e nós

  8. Manuel Bonilla

    Polifacetico snoop Lion

  9. jonatha Sarturi

    The one.

  10. DADAMON 99

    La vieja escuela vivirá por siempre
    Lo bueno nunca pasa de moda.

  11. DADAMON 99


  12. Mark2Shady

    I loved this song since it came out and I never knew it was snoop dogg. Remind me of Kanye

  13. Geovanna Vitorya

    BR ???

  14. Ege Öz

    so ahead his time u know

  15. Nia Truesdale

    Sensational seduction ♥️

  16. Nia Truesdale

    This song is iconic asf😩♥️!

  17. Flor D'Líz

    2020 😈👏👊

  18. Moises KniGht

    Lil pump I Love it brought me here smh generation copying generation's

  19. Bosco Ouyang

    Damm this is old

  20. evandro matias

    2018 Aqui é Brasil*

  21. Dannie Bunsz

    This video is #CLASSIC 😂

  22. Bunny the only Onez


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  24. lindsey dpt

    I know this song because I have good taste in music

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