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My stimulant addiction/why I stay sober now.

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Title explains it all I guess. 😛
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20 thoughts on “My stimulant addiction/why I stay sober now.

  1. JJ ZAG

    Next time i try to stop i will watch this every time i grab my phone to make appt to get more. after many years.

  2. Michael Botello

    Yeah Facebook, fuck off. Tryin to study rn

  3. Sarah Jane

    you are enlightened and help me today. I hope you are well 💖

  4. Sarah Jane

    great points for real about true happiness

  5. Sarah Jane

    been off adderall Vyvanse cigs alcohol coke for 195 days I feel u it's soooooooo hard but it's soooooooo worth it I'm a different person too on stimulants thank u for making this vid stay strong

  6. trippingballs1

    been off that evil drug for roughly a year now. its the worst pill to abuse. so addictive and causes intense dysphoria and depression during comedowns

  7. c spazz

    I been heavily addicted to Addie for about 12-13 years now and I take up to 200mgs a day and stay up for 3 days to a week at a time and I don't know how to go no longer than 2 days without it. I am scared that I will never be able to quit and still enjoy my passions without it..I need severe help I'm losing everything with it and doing nothing productive without it. Don't end up like me it's my only set back in life

  8. PBJ Time

    You are amazing! I subscribed to your channel after watching this! I admire you and I think you are a beautiful girl! I am so proud of you for making this video and leaving yourself open for us to see. This is truly courageous and I hope we can stay in touch! I am also a fighter and have went through a series of addictions and problems, from cigarettes and caffeine to alcohol and cocaine. I truly know your struggle!

  9. Yoda

    My daughter has an eating disorder ADD/OCD. My daughter was on Aderall/Vyvanse for only a few months. Now that she is off of it, she is obsessed with it. She has 1 week left of school and needs to do her finals, or she will not be graduating from High School. If you had the opportunity to say anything to her, what would you say to her?

  10. Angus McDonald

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience.

  11. FannyPackZack

    Vyvanse worked great for me until i wake up like you said and the highlight of the day is popping vyvanse in the morning..everything you described is exactly how i feel..which is why im weening myself off this shit finally. I already know i got hell to pay though. It sucks but hopefully for the best in the long run,goodluck to you

  12. Tyler Mussatti

    I never knew you struggled with this so hard. :c

  13. JessiocaPudding

    Thank you so much for the positive reminders :] I appreciate them a lot as they truly do help me :] Caffeine is more of an addiction than people realize, it's a habit I'm working on kicking right now but with college and work it's more difficult than I realized!

  14. Chris Tucholske

    You are welcome. Thought you could use it.

  15. JessiocaPudding

    I used to then formed my dependency on it :/ I would take my own and when it stopped working I would buy other people's. I was on Vyvanse and it eventually stopped working. At first, everything was great and I took it regularly but as the effects wore off I began breaking the capsules open and taking more powder and so it continued.You will lose your tolerance but it is likely to come back unfortunately :/

  16. JessiocaPudding

    Thank you :] I too have ADD so it goes to show that stimulants can still have effects on someone who has it even :/ I'm glad you abstain from mind altering substances. I'm so glad you were able to promise yourself to stay away from all those negative things 😀 and yes, medication when taken as directed can be very helpful, it's when it turns into substance abuse that it is a problem. Thanks for watching and for the comments! :]

  17. AwesomenessIskey

    Also you're right. Certain substances actually replace inner happiness and provide false happiness, which doesn't feel real. It's ok to take certain medication to treat a condition, but when it comes to addiction and dependency, it just goes downhill.

  18. AwesomenessIskey

    Stay strong!!! Although I really believe I might have add I stay away from stimulants for reasons like this. It's not bad enough that it completely controls my life. Addiction, never really had it, but I experimented with stuff that made me messed up for a while. When I turned 16, I feel into a deep low and wanted to get high but I stopped that idea and eventually made a promise to myself to never drink at all and do drugs again. It really made me stronger. I threw out the benzos I had

  19. JessiocaPudding

    Lol hey caffeine can still be a hard habit to kick 😛 but thanks for being here for me and awe thank you for the compliment :]

  20. Chris Tucholske

    Personally, the worst I have to deal with is Caffeine, so I guess there's not a whole lot of viable comparison there.

    But, the Youtubians are here for you! lol

    It sucks to see cute girls cry.

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