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Is marijuana addiction serious or real? Why I quit marijuana and the weed withdrawal symptoms

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An unbiased view on marijuana addiction, is it real and is it hard to quit marijuana if you’re addicted?

First off, two words don’t go together “marijuana dangerous”. It’s not likely to lead to violent behavior, it has no organ toxicity, it can’t cause on overdose. However, you can still have a marijuana problem. I know I had a problem with this substance which is why I decided to quit marijuana along with other substances I was addicted to and am now over 4 years clean. Marijuana addiction is a very real thing and quitting after frequent prolonged use can cause a marijuana withdrawal. The weed withdrawal’s intensity varies based on the individual, some get nothing at all while others can’t sleep or eat. When searching if marijuana’s addictive there’s a lot of the people who don’t suffer the addiction spreading blanket statements “it wasn’t addictive for me so it isn’t for everyone.” This is not true. It was very difficult for me to quit smoking marijuana as someone who quit using meth, if you’re struggling I hope this video lets you know you’re not alone. You can quit smoking weed by taking it one day at a time, I share my solution to quitting in other videos on my channel.

If you struggle with drug addiction, feel free to reach out to me for support.


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How do I quit smoking weed? Pot is harmless?

Tommy Rosen, author of Recovery 2.0: Move Beyond Addiction and Upgrade Your Life and founder of r20.com brings you this “Protocol” – How to stop using marijuana.

This protocol explores short-term benefits marijuana and the long-term benefits of quitting.

This video is for anyone stuck in addiction, hoping to stop using marijuana, or for a family member looking to support a loved one.
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40 thoughts on “Is marijuana addiction serious or real? Why I quit marijuana and the weed withdrawal symptoms

  1. Roberto Montano

    The first time I smoked pot I saw everything GREEN I know I don't believe me but it happened

  2. Kaylie Hammon

    I`ve been smoking on and off for eight years. Thanks to this stop smoking guide “fetching zemzem site” (Google it), I have been stopping smoke weed ever since Labor Day. It has been good! I even have my “smokers cough” eliminated after a week. It makes you think about things in a very distinct way. I highly believe that this guide is efficient in eliminating the cravings to smoke weed for everybody.

  3. Sayantan Talukdar

    did you stop cold turkey or you cut it down over a period of time?
    marijuana addiction is very real and i am suffering from it but i have reduced the amount of pot i smoked and the frequency too

  4. Alex Lopez

    I had withdraw from weed also 😤

  5. Noi Furze

    smoking it 24/7for years on end no not good


    I smoked weed 4 years ago for the first time
    And I'm still not a regular user
    I like to smoke somethimes to chill but I definitely don't crave it.

  7. Damien Holland

    I saw marijuana addicts in rehab. As an occasional drug sure it's alright but some people with addictive genes can't touch anything (like me) without going off the deep end. The most important thing a person who uses substances needs to do is to see whether they are falling into a pattern of use. And for some that happens so gradually they don't see it happening until it's too late.

  8. SinCity Raid3rs

    Can’t stop smokin’ cuz no one likes a quitter

  9. Tate Hamilton

    Weed is better for you than alchohol. But weed is the most sneaky. Stealing your soul.

  10. I have no legs I have no legs

    Hey cg kid I'm 27 I saturated smoking pot at 14 I stopped last week and you help me so much man I really was addicted to it. In the beginning of this summer I started doing heroin thank god i stopped but even then the weed was more addictive I finally stopped everything it was fucking up my life now I look at it from a different perspective. Thank you.

  11. Broom

    Marijuana can't kill you physically but mentally

  12. RodneyDrum

    dude you've changed so much in comparison to your older videos 🙂 I'm really glad you're doin' good

  13. BAMBAM Coolio

    PTSD, GAD, social anxiety, codependency, spasms and knee buckling are my problems. All were helped by pot until my son was taken away. I didn't have a problem with quitting on my own a year ago and CBD has somewhat replaced the benefits I was receiving from cannabis. I'd do anything to get my son home.

  14. WeirdShamanWizzard

    Cannabis withdrawal is a joke if you dont do +1g/day but the addiction is pretty strong, when i got a temporary schizophrenic episode (from xtc actually) cannabis would really fucking worsen the symptoms for a few day and after a single hit id freak out and tell my buddy that he should keep me away from it as far as possible. He didn't and after the few day i would rationalize myself into doing it again "maybe if i fight it it might actually help" (it didn't) or "just one puff aint be too bad" (it was), that was probably my biggest low with it and thats when i went to rehab, after that episode i managed to stay of weed for 2 months (had only one week of less sleep, less apetite and a bit more emotional, oh and cravings), the schizophrenia also went away because of it and thats why i tried it again, but now it was way more alien and psychodelic( also it was like crazy strong) but i kinda liked it and went on smoking until i got to normal tolerance again and do it like every day. Its really fucked up how this drug made me feel like absolute shit but the addiction still didn't go away, that shows that its not the high but the getting high thats so addictive

  15. imawesomederp 5

    i can smoke pot for months than come off it just fine, the only side effect being that i get less sleep and i eat less and that recedes within about 3 days

  16. Willa Busta

    I'm 2 years clean and the hunger and sleep problems lasted a month. I have the cravings every day but I'm still clean. no matter what I think that i'm still just finding something to substitute it. When I smoked I diddn't use the internet. now I'm eithe at work or on youtube.

  17. Isabel

    I just found your channel today and I'm hooked. Love the realness, experience and the way you break down information. I've definitely been fascinated with addiction the past year and just reflecting on my family members and others who have struggled. Ive also smoked weed for about 2 years now mainly to help me sleep. I've been a lot better taking time off from it this year, keeping my tolerance low, and finding the balance to where its a help and not an hindrance in my life. I'm comfortable with it in my life for right now. I honestly really don't relate to your mj experiences but i really appreciate your insight of anything becoming addicting in someones life.

  18. Investigation into Hillary

    Life feels empty after stopping cannabis. Nothing is the same anymore. Wish I could do it all day again but too expensive for me. Hoping to grow it myself someday if this state ever catches up.

  19. Daysleeper 111224

    I love this dude

  20. Allen S.

    Never really experienced an addiction but there are every once in awhile thoughts where I think to myself "Man I wanna get high". Becaue I loved the euphoria. I never really act on those thoughts though. Weed is just a fun and wind down experience for me

  21. Kindertautenleider

    I have been chronic user for 25 years, kicked the habit for a few months twice. trying again

  22. che soccra

    am watching dis and smoking weed

  23. Matthew Flores

    I think i started when i was 16 maybe 17 but today exactly one month one day away from my birthday of turning 23 this is the new beginning. Love you guys and keep it pushing man.

  24. Gooby pls

    im literally watching while smoking :I

  25. William Saunders


  26. lucusgriffith

    I just stopped by to say fuck you.

  27. Frankie Snyder

    Recovery 2.0, do you partake in caffeine and why?

  28. Frankie Snyder

    I follow Jesus. Truth is making me see that I don't need it nearly as much as I've used it if at all. I believe in the health benefits from hemp/cbd but thc creates more problems then it fixes

  29. Randal Clarke

    Sorry, I've smoked mostly on, for the past 30 years, and yes, early on it was enlightening, uplifting and mind expanding. That soon faded and became a classic gateway drug for me. I see so many stoner musicians and non-musicians who have been long time smokers and they are essentially zombies who often come off as stuck up simply because they are super high and non-communicative. I'm done with weed…it has destroyed my ability to feel, think or have normal sex. It dumb you down and you live life in a screened out filter thats not enjoyable. Yes I'm an addict and do too much, but I don't see the benefits and haven't for some time. It is a hindrance and a neutralizer. I'm done.

  30. Mjp Tp2b

    You're right.. But I love it, fuck ambition. Get comfy. Where'd you get your t-shirt Bro?

  31. Cody6918

    What it gives you with one hand, it takes with the other.

  32. Cosmo TheSpaceDog

    "I quit smoking when I was 22"
    Yeah well you're a fuckin dinosaur so….

  33. Malcolm Schick

    Really like this guy’s prospective.

  34. FaresHab

    8:11 that's exactly what im feeling…
    i've been smoking for 8 years. now im 30, i finished two B.A in social work and later in law, and lately i passed the bar and now im also a lawyer. i start smoking back then at age 22, after the death of my father and my gf broke up with me. and back then i started enjoy the feeling of being stoned. and today, i started to feel that i have to quit because there is no pain to run away from and there is no longer that great feeling of first time doing anything as stoned… i made it and quit twice for long time and back to smoke again… but now im 30 i have everything but myself so i need to say i have decided that i will go back to the real me and start a new arc in my life, having a job and family.
    that's it im quitting starting from now

  35. Danny figueroa

    But I enjoy being away from the world that's being g turned into now . Thank God the Lord put it here after than the meds I have to take fucks my gut up. Weed makes me laugh and see thefake world that is being pushed upon us. But thank you I get what your getting arcross but I'm on meds either I'm on zolft or weed I say weed I tried. I damn near went crazy with my kids first day of school dam near went over the edge but man weed clamed me down faster than my pills all they did was more pills for me.

  36. Baby Bread

    Real trap niggas know what the fuck goin on

  37. Kaley Renee

    Anybody who would like to finish their addiction should consider reading through give up smoking guidebook “fetching zemzem site” (Google it). I`ve attempted a number of methods that would help end my smoking dependency which involves hypnosis, but it just offered temporary relief. Every time I ceased, I wondered if I might start again someday. This guidebook changed the approach I think about smoking. This time, I was sure that I can finally put an end to smoking.

  38. Tonya Donnelly

    It works if you read through it. I smoked cannabis since I was 15. Nevertheless, reading through this particular give up smoking guide “fetching zemzem site” (Google it) helped me to cease this mindless addiction. It seems like magic to me. My hubby and daughter were also astonished about my cessation. See the guide and you`ll give up.

  39. Thomas Miller

    Amazing video! so helpful! Thanks so much

  40. Troy B

    "all my actions were about recreating some kind of pleasure I had in the past" ME ME ME

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