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Home » Inhalant Addiction » Intervention: Matthew is Addicted to Duster (Season 14, Episode 9) | A&E

Intervention: Matthew is Addicted to Duster (Season 14, Episode 9) | A&E

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Intervention: Matthew is Addicted to Duster (Season 14, Episode 9) | A&E

Matthew’s family feels that his inhalant addiction has made him “demon possessed” in this collection of scenes from “Matthew/Olivia.”

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Season 14
Episode 9

“Intervention” profiles people who have hit rock bottom in their addiction as they are confronted by friends and family seeking to intervene.

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Alison huffing on solvents inhailing computer spray gettinh high looser rape

40 thoughts on “Intervention: Matthew is Addicted to Duster (Season 14, Episode 9) | A&E

  1. Arick Miller


  2. Troy Mcdivitt

    Just stick to weed all will be good

  3. Angela Carlock

    What the feck

  4. camvick407

    This is dumb funny

  5. Bongwater33

    Really, duster spray? Lamest addiction ever!

  6. siberwolf33

    All these people need put on an inescapable island.

  7. Kent Kollath

    moral of the story. get a hair cut and you will look better.

  8. Hotsauce is Lethal

    This just goes to show you that addiction is a disease and the mental aspect is the hardest obstacle. For people who are not emotionally prepared for the world drugs and alcohol offer a blanket of protection.

  9. sactown916

    OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!!!!

  10. jon deere

    this is typical white guy stuff. trust me i'm white. this is a good kid.

  11. first class junkee

    He wuh lit af in a bad way

  12. gold wolf

    W T F

  13. Paypal Bank

    what a duster

  14. TheYafnit

    Did yall alter his voice?

  15. Gorrest Frump

    How do we allow people like this to reproduce?

  16. dotch

    Whole family needs to brush their teeth

  17. DJBlizzard74

    That voice tho….

  18. Lunchbox Wet-Money

    If people refuse help they should be shot in the back of the head. Life is meaningless (not a pessimist, essentially it's the flip-side of life is what you make it) therefore if you cause suffering you should be removed from this world. He also deserves a bullet for his lack of grooming.

  19. Random Dude

    It's funny cause I only smoke weed and my family treats me like this is me…

  20. Alex Rod

    Idk what's worse the guy huffing air duster or the socially conservative family who raised their son to believe that getting high is synonymous with demonic possession. More secular families who are open to the world don't really have kids who huff because their kids understand that huffing air duster is nothing more than a glorified placebo effect that gives you brain damage. Mannn should of just let their kid smoke pot. In this situation I seriously blame the parents as much as the kid.

  21. KAAMIEL McKay.

    Duster getting rich

  22. sk8forlife

    if u going to do drugs find one that last longer than five mins

  23. kelly shea

    Stupid bitch dosent even use a cloth to protect her lungs. What a stupid ass

  24. Marcos Gomez

    “We are going on a drug run, hooray! Best part of my day” what a loser. I feel bad not knowing someone’s full story but how many people haven’t gone to hell and back and were able to turn air dusters down. It’s a choice.

  25. Dakota Mae

    bro i died when the music came


    Stupid hipster

  27. Rudoax Official

    Literally the towel from South Park 😂💀

  28. Kalvin Reeves

    I can relate I am addicted to huffing cheese wizz I've been doing it for 5 years and can't stop

  29. baby hellcat xo



    I showed this to ppl at work I think I pissed myself ..the last 30 secs lol

  31. Sarah Riedel

    it's cominin and cominin and cominin

  32. Pipёя pётср

    She’s doing better now. 🙂 https://youtu.be/L-jp3bgyUCo

  33. The Laughing Rabbit

    That's like, $100 a day.

  34. Cj Campos

    "I wish i had a father" DEAD

  35. BradleyDavid 182

    She's cute.

  36. john williams

    Just do heroin for fuck sake

  37. LogicalFallacyinMyPants and such

    10 cans a day? Fuck.. You can support a pretty decent IV heroin habit with that $ and it would actually be more "healthy"… than this. Wtf.

  38. Morbyd

    I didn't see that ending coming lmao

  39. Indecisive Kairyc

    This makes me feel a little better about my DXM habit, sadly.

  40. Mia


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