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Insurance – Am I Covered?

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Does PPO Health Insurance Cover Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

The answer is usually yes. If you have PPO health insurance, you have mandated coverage for drug and alcohol rehab thanks to the Affordable Care Act. How much coverage you will get for the medical condition of addiction depends on the specifics of your health insurance plan.

And it’s a good thing coverage is available. When you’re facing drug and alcohol addiction, it can feel like you are in a pit of despair and there’s no way out of the madness. Effective drug and alcohol rehab is the answer, but many people don’t realize that their health insurance provider will help cover drug rehab costs.

Understanding PPO Health Insurance

If you have PPO health insurance, you are a part of a Preferred Provider Organization. Your PPO includes a network of hospitals, doctors, and health care providers that work together to provide you quality care at a reduced cost. Because you have chosen to enroll in a PPO plan, you are able to seek treatment in a facility of your choosing. Your PPO plan is all about making healthcare accessible to you and that includes drug and alcohol rehab.

A Drug and Alcohol Rehab Can Get Your Life Back on Track

If you or your loved one continues on the path of addiction you’re headed toward a dead end. Substance abuse will rob you of your relationships, your career and your health. When you choose to get professional help in an inpatient rehabilitation program, you can finally take back control of your life and break away from the source of your addiction. You owe it to yourself and your family to get help before it’s too late.

Get Help for Your Addiction Today

The time is now to finally do something about your addiction. Contact us today about entering drug and alcohol rehab to transform your life. You’ll find yourself in a safe haven, removed from all sources of temptation, (ADD… stress, and unmanageability) where you can concentrate on getting better. Changing people, places, and things is paramount in achieving long-term sobriety. You can regain charge of your life!

The road to recovery is within your grasp and your PPO health insurance can make it financially possible. Call us today at (844) 816-9611 and let us help you.

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