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How to open an addiction treatment center: Ep.1 – Motive

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How to open an addiction treatment center: Ep.1 - Motive

In this epsiode, Jim Gray, founder of iRecover addiction treatment centers in Canada and the United states, talks about your motivation for opening addiction services.
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Best drug rehabilitation programs are those that are backed by research. Best RESEARCH-BACKED METHODS HERE: http://x.vu/addictionrecovery . The best drug rehabilitation facilities are those that use methods that are scientifically valid instead of based on opinion. The best drug abuse program online is found by clicking the link above.

There are many reasons why drug abuse faculties produce poor success. They are largely not backed by enough data or research even though there are plenty of studies that suggest methods that rewire the brain out of addiction. If you want to really know how to overcome addiction, ou should use methods that help to stave off cravings and urges for your addiction.

Some methods are found in medical journals to produce a long-term change in the brain and tho help and addict to maintain sobriety. If there is any thing that works, it is the truth of addiction system found in the link below.

Best RESEARCH-BACKED METHODS HERE: http://x.vu/addictionrecovery

The problem with common rehab programs is that they have yo stay a few days or weeks. Then once you get sober or detox, they send you home without addressing the underlying problem. Most people go to AA after detox, but AA has shown to have dismally low success rates too. The best ways to overcome addiction is to use methods that do not focus on the strength of ones will, but to rewire the brain and make a long term change.

When you go to AA you will find that they try to help you in just a one-dimensional way. They may help you to “find god” or to become more morally upright. However, research shows that addiction is much more than just the strength of one’s will. It has many contributing factors such as biochemical implications and environmental and genetic predispositions.

Most people that are trapped in addiction find strong will power in other aspects of their life. It isn’t just a will power type of dysfunction, but more of a tricky psychological perception that makes the addict think that their addiction does something for them. But I will tell you that it doesn’t. The addiction doesn’t do anything for you. In fact it makes all your reasons why you continue to use, worse.

Living a sober life is great. Having a social support system is also very important. But if you want to maintain a life of sobriety I recommend using methods that have been backed by research over the last 50 years to work and to make you able to break free from addiction for good.

The best drug rehabilitation programs will back their methods up by research. Some of the best drug rehabilitation facilities aren’t facilities at all but are programs to help you kick the habit using coping skills. Drug addiction treatment facilities can also get quite expensive.
Link to this video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EskNjx0fhGQ
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19 thoughts on “How to open an addiction treatment center: Ep.1 – Motive

  1. Charlie Motew

    Hi, im the owner of scottsdale recovery center. I came across the video online..the headline for the video leads to my recovery center (scottsdale recovery center) was this a mistake or your intent? Id like it taken down asap. info@scottsdalerecovery.com let me know

  2. Alex Nass

    Hi Jim thanks for your Video's and wanting to Help. I would really like to help people recover and become productive members of society.



  4. John Lenarduzzi

    Anyone watching this looking for help with rehab should know that this video is a commercial, not a cure. Best wishes to all those seeking help. It's worth the effort.

  5. Starit us

    At JOURNEY MALIBU’s Recovery Center, we firmly believe that attending an alcohol rehab program is the most powerful, effective way to disrupt the devastating cycle of alcohol dependence. That’s because rehab programs offer more than simply “band-aid” solutions to the problem of alcoholism; programs help the addict or alcoholic get to the root of why and how they became addicted in the first place. But an rehab program won’t simply shed light on your problems; they’ll also help you figure out how to live a free, sober life after you’ve put the “plug in the jug”.

  6. ryan jackson

    While addicts struggle with addiction it's hard to determine which type of treatment they need. The level of care a person needs ranges from detoxification, inpatient, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient at most importantly aftercare. After care is one of the most important pieces to a successful recovery without relapse. Most inpatient drug and alcohol rehab centers have some sort of aftercare plan to decline the possibility of relapse. Check out the benefits of inpatient drug rehab to see if it's right for you! http://blog.landmarkrecovery.com/the-benefits-of-inpatient-drug-rehab

  7. Kevin Hawley

    It is not possible to stop drug, alcohol use, but what is not possible with man is possible with God. Once you accept Jesus as your savior anything is possible.

  8. Healthycare For Life

    I apologize in advance, I have embedded this video in my blog with the title "Here's What I Know About Drug Rehabilitation", please visit if you wish. http://www.eathe.win/2016/11/heres-what-i-know-about-drug-rehabilitation.html

  9. Amazing Special Abilities

    Can you be more specific on the nutrients? https://youtu.be/RDczlOzy5iE

  10. Bobbi Cat

    Just another person trying to make a fast buck.

  11. Reservation Dept

    Nutrients is key . Not a cure , but helps soo much ! Proper nutrition detoxes the body and restores brain function naturally . Amino acids are key , & B12

  12. Karl k Kurtz

    Hello, where would you look for a 30 year old outdated juvenile drug treatment program ? my friend ☺

  13. Christopher Billard

    Some of what this guy says is true for the most part but at the same time he is obviously bullshitting us and trying to sell us something. I don't see a single fucking source cited here.

  14. Mark Tayco

    what type of nutrients, can you specify??

  15. Diabolical Insolence

    Definitely missing something but see first comment below the first response? That person is selling that phone number and I'm sure that's where you find out the rest of this guys "treatment program".
    It truly is sad that people are banking off of addictions… especially when the addiction is due to pharmaceuticals. Makes me wonder how many "Big Pharma" companies are involved with the big money making methods of recovery like Wiseman's Method where they pump you full of more pharmaceuticals to get you off pharmaceuticals… wtf?!?

  16. Mike Holmes

    what's missing ??? is he just trying to sell something??

  17. solo Man

    because somethings missing!

  18. • e c h o •

    Why are there no comments

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