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[ENG] Risky Drinking 2017 Documentary HD

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[ENG] Risky Drinking 2017 Documentary HD

Subscribe to the HBO Docs YouTube: Risky Drinking premieres Monday, December 19, only on HBO. HBO Docs on Facebook: .

Program offers new perspective on alcohol use disorder.

Visit: To Learn More On Alcoholism In this touching and educational documentary on alcoholism you will see an extreme .

NIAAA Director Dr. George F. Koob discusses the issue of alcohol use and misuse in society and the HBO Documentary, Risky Drinking, which offers a .
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How Can I Stop Binge Drinking?

How To Stop Drinking Alcohol for Good

Here’s a quick one for today. It’s the question, how do I stop binge drinking?

How Can I Stop Binge Drinking?

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How To Stop Drinking Alcohol for Good

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39 thoughts on “[ENG] Risky Drinking 2017 Documentary HD

  1. Nick Austin

    I got drunk just WATCHING the first girl drinking…DAMN!…

  2. BXL BXL

    20:00 So sad for the boy to have to sit next to his embarrassing father like that

  3. Dixfer

    38:20 Moderation does not work on true alcoholics. Once you are an alcoholic, you will never be able to return to "controlled drinking" and have any fun with alcohol. It's like limiting a sex addict to half an orgasm. Once you are a pickle, you may NEVER become a cucumber again.

  4. laurel jade

    loves not feeling like shit in the morning.

  5. Himera 92

    Stupid bitch! We don't drink because of anxiety, or sleep. We drink because we love to drink!

  6. Patrick Lynch

    Lt. Dan and Forrest Gump at the 13:41 mark won Halloween costume


    This is BULL SHIT!!

  8. Paul

    These people are addicts. The addiction to alcohol is no different than addiction to any other drug or even non drug stimulants like porn. Beating this shit isn't easy at all.

  9. Marco Aguilar

    Fuck it!!! Pour me another one. These people are weak. I drink because I like it. If seen some shit in my life but I can handle it. These people are just sad. So am I but I drown that shit and all u see is smiles. RIP…. To my fallen brothers. We will meet again. LW I haven't forgot about u bro. We working hard everyday for u bro we do it for u.

  10. Marcia Chase

    Just so you know, I was never married to this man. We hung out for a short time. That short time two me 3 years, 6 court hearings, no contact order and 2 years in a victim advocacy program to recover. He used HBO, this documentary, and my weakness to help to control and manipulate me. This opportunity allowed him to get into rehab, stay out of jail if I agreed in court. This was his last lifeline and I was guaranteed he wont not be allowed back in CO for 5 years. That's the only reason I allowed this, maybe to help someone else in my postilion. He is out of my life since 2012 and before filming was completed. PS I was never his wife- and you cant check that in any court of law!

  11. Internet Police

    FAT TEST: Did you notice the delicious looking chocolate cupcake with cream on top of it at 1:09:06? I sure did.

  12. Faith, Hope and Love

    I feel like this documentary has a lot of fear mongering. Yes if you don't quit you die, but it's like they are saying even if you do quit it's hopeless to ever live a normal life because of the damage. Actually, this is a lie. I used to be just like the guy shaking and depressed and hollow inside. I had memory problems and thought it was over. Now I can remember just fine, my reward system works fine, I experience real happiness and laugh more then I have in years, I am 99% normal now. I was supposed to die and my brain was messed up for about a year. Didn't really do meds. I weaned off for a month, asked God for help, and I made it, plus I'm all in one piece and the brain DOES heal. Mine started after about a year and 2-3 months it just randomly went back to normal (my memory and everything). The hallucinations will go in a few weeks and a lot will get better in the first month but if you still feel hallow/empty wait it out. It will come back to normal. You just need to stop.

  13. Terry Lia

    To the first girl: get some fucking furniture.

  14. OneyeV 1989

    A slow death that what alcohol is.

  15. GodivaRealness

    14:33 did she grab that random mans ass after fucking another guy in a mens restroom stall!? fkn disgusting

  16. GodivaRealness

    ughh. that first girl …

  17. G Swaff

    Hell's a 5th of wum ?

  18. Darren Cooks

    welp that virgin island guy is fucked from hurricane irma

  19. retepkicerb

    Does anybody know how are these guys now?

  20. MIZORAM - Mafaka Hnamte

    Life is Awesome without Alcohol !

  21. T BH

    I need some help, the wife is not happy but is saying I am drinking a bit too much. Beers every couple of nights a week and weekend and if there is some wine left in the house or beer left over I clean them out. Am worried this could be start of a problem how can I beat this?

  22. Boodellamiavita

    Great Video! Forgive me for chiming in, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you ever tried – Saankramer Life Card System (do a google search)? It is a smashing exclusive product for learning how to stop drinking minus the normal expense. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my cousin after many years got great success with it.

  23. gaz hunt

    Spoke so much sense to me. I have to do this for everyone in my life😞


    I am drinking now 37 yrs ….. I am mentally destroyed , I cannot win …im not commenting here just to moan or seek pity , I just want other alcoholics to know that im sorry for what ever pain you have gone through and sorry for the pains that your still going through and to tell you – you are not alone in this most hurting – most evil of battles .. I promise you I will never look down on you my friends …. I love you and wish that the most beautiful of happiness and love will find you all soon xxx

  25. Sophie

    Kevin – what positive straightforward bloke videos! Love them – it’s like I’m walking and talking with you! Keep it going and keep it free – we need more people out there like you!

  26. Debbie Taylor

    The government guidelines are just that ,guidelines. They don't know .

  27. Lance Monton

    Take Naltrexone an hour before you drink…

  28. Scott Fulps

    Great video as usual, Kevin…I really enjoy taking these walks with you and the orange grove today was really nice. Thank you.

  29. 25forester

    Thanks again Kevin

  30. Stutch 2000

    Im really trying to quit! No excuses but the Alcohol Help team told me the government guide lines are BS! 1 2 units a week or whatever! I've got to do this myself! Help from professionals have told me it's false information! I know what to do! Don't see the point in seeing people that don't know left from right! I know me! I know Stop! Waiting for the Day to choose! Cheers Kev

  31. ADecadeBehind

    Thank you , I found your videos after having a drink fuelled weekend where I had so much shame and even days later im still feeling this way and I find myself in a cycle and this shame is reoccurring .

    I have a work function in a few days and I have decided to go to this and drink soda pop gingerbeer beer as a substitute .

    I understand from your other videos substitution truely isn't a release and even just once bad day and lapse can bring me right back into it .

    I started heavily drinking even before work at 9am at my last job to cope with the people I was working with but it carried on into my next job .

    If I could ask for a video topic it would be " How to deal with people / friends and family that may not understand or be angry / pushy about my decisions to stop "

    A lot of people I know are in a culture of drinking and some are ok and just drink weekends / events but im not like that and for me it has become daily and I have lost control . Explaining to them that im not drinking at the family function / get together is quite difficult .

    Thanks mate

  32. Jill S

    trying to figure out the math for explanation of what a binge is considered ?

  33. Rich

    378 days alcohol free

  34. Trail Nut

    Great video! You're right. Binge drinking is just the long term drinkers way of getting that buzz one craves. My issue now though is learning how to deal with the day to day problems. I use to just self medicate through everything. Now, I actually have to plug in and deal with it all. Any advice on coping with problems sober? ATB Sean

  35. Christian Wright

    Ya the best way to stop binge drinking is stop altogether!
    104 days for me now, I owe a lot to what I’ve learned from Kevin.

  36. Realfolkblues80

    I am off from work for two weeks starting on April 2nd and that's when I plan to start my detox and quit. Kevin's videos really help motivate me. Wish me luck!

  37. Dan Magoo

    Too much math! This is why it's easier to just quit altogether.

  38. AKA Immersion Networks

    patreonkyradijonlownganowsun . ps kyran

  39. corvette1999100

    Great vid Kevin!

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