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drug and alcohol treatment centers

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Alcohol rehab and the reasons why you should go – 10 Reasons why someone should Go to alcoholism treatment.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers and what they are all about – Alcohol Rehabilitation options.

I have spent time in a alcohol rehab center, so this is my 10 reasons why i think some one with alcohol abuse issues should spend there.

These place have experienced staff with experience of alcohol treatment. The alcohol detox can sometimes be practiced in these place but normally they are generally for after care.

So you normally do your alcohol detox elsewhere and the you go for alcohol treatment for the chance to get your life back on track without the alcohol abuse.

Alcohol abuse can hurt and damage many family’s and divide people so if your in this situation and you feel you need to detox for alcohol then this could be your answer.


10 Reasons to Go to Rehabilitation

Going from living with an alcoholic, to getting there husband, wife, son, daughter back etc. The amount of times I’ve heard, I just what my son back. My husband chooses drink, over me and the kids. There is no real answer, you just have to get through to that person, that this can’t continue.

Rehab does work, i have seen it happen in front of my eyes.

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When I was in rehab the other residents’ family members, would sometimes comment to me (when there siblings weren’t around), wow what’s happened, honestly never thought this would happen in a million years, ha. The amount of times!!.They cannot believe the changes they have seen, (written them off, as they thought it was not possible for them to change!!) for an alcoholic to change.

There’s also the option of doing your own, home detox.

This has been achieved by many people, doing it this way, as we speak, we are putting together a program, for a home detox plan, (free on You Tube).

How to help an alcoholic and should I go to rehab – 10 Reasons why someone should Go to Rehab

Trust me there is hope!!

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Drug and alcohol treatment centers
Website: http://truthofaddiction.com/special/
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Many people in the recovery field claim that AA and other 12 step programs are successful, but these opinions seem to contradict research. According to one of the more reliable studies, common 12 step programs such as AA show a success rate of 3 percent. While 95 percent of the treatment centers in the United States use these programs.

A problem with AA and basic 12 step programs is that they are often short-term, they do not address the underlying issue in addiction. Addiction causes biochemical changes and must be corrected. You may search the internet for drug and alcohol treatment centers, and you will find they are focused on quick-fixes in luxurious facilities and high end rehab centers for a few weeks.

This problem is recognized on a national level, because these treatment facilities produce such poor outcomes.

According to Director Enoch Gordis, Director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, or other words NIAAA, stated, “our whole treatment system with its innumerable therapies, armies of therapists, large and expensive programs are founded on hunch, not evidence and not science.”

Some people go in and out of treatment centers nearly 10 times. This method of care contradicts research and evidence. You may notice at some treatment centers or AA groups, the therapist or group leader is still struggling with addiction himself. He hasn’t figured it out yet!

So what works? The answer is evidence-based and data-driven methods.

Website: http://truthofaddiction.com/special/
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/TruthOfAddiction1
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheOfficialTruthOfAddiction

There are methods that change the brain, body and behavior. Certain cognitive therapy techniques are supported by lots of research to boost long-term sobriety and change the brain long-term. Integrating certain nutrients into an addicts diet, is very important too. One Doctor and president of a recovery center reported that a nutritionally based program produced a 92 percent success rate.

Nutrition is extremely important when recovering. This is because addicts have depleted and malfunctioning neurotransmitters in the brain which contributes to intense cravings. Once those neurotransmitters are restored through proper nutrition, not only do cravings decrease, but withdrawal symptoms dramatically decrease as well. And there are plenty of studies confirming this.

Drug and alcohol treatment centers

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  1. borad39

    Thanks for this..Please disregard the guy below. He's a trollish kind of fellow. Honest and important and i didn't notice the music. Thanks for everything.

  2. James Tudway

    Can you help me please

  3. Roseann Macadaan

    but my father Is Addiction for drunk

  4. Roseann Macadaan

    but my father Is Addiction for drunk

  5. Shiawasenaneko

    I would give you ten reasons why you SHOULDN'T. In America at least, these place are VERY costly. Even after insurance gets involved there is still often a several thousand dollars (pounds) due by the client. Detox is one thing, but typically in the US the programs last from 30-90 days; some hardcore ones are six months. It does force you to get sober tho, so that's good.

  6. bubbanderson

    As a recovering alcoholic I'm putting together a website which is basically my story and a set of links to good sources of info online. The aim is to help the still suffering alcoholic. Mind if I link this video ?

  7. bubbanderson

    Great video. Rehab saved my life

  8. Tadrib Najah

    GOOD ADVICE BUT THE MUSIC WAS AN ABSOLUTE COCAPHONY really bad, what a shame.. please do another video without the music on.. or reduce the volume really low
    Many thanks for the descriptive nature of rehab

  9. Docc Howdy

    The amount of information NOT known nor understood about the truth of the twelves steps could not be explained in a 12 hour video.
    The 3% success rate is due to the sunami of untreated rehab patients who do NOT want and will not stay with an 12 step program for a year.
    Before rehab centers the success rate was 75%.
    AA is NOT short term. It is an entirely new way of life. That would by definition mean long term.
    It is NOT a psychological program.
    It is a God based program that requires complete devotion. 97% of untreated drug addicts don't want that type of commitment. And so 3% from the wave of patients that trusted a rehab center could cure them in 28 days.
    Rehab centers do NOT use the 12 steps as a foundational source of recovery. It's only used peripherally.

  10. Nebraska Born

    GREAT info, although in my experience long term sobriety would be a minimum of 10 years, I do not know of any scientific research that has been done on this. Also scientist know much about the brain chemistry, although they still can not tell you why and how humans think. Why humans hide so much fear ? The word personality is from the Latin word persona, that word means "Mask" , behind that mask human beings hide their fear. All humans are fear based, trying so hard to stay ahead of or distract themselves from that fear. Fear/wrong thinking that is the underlining issue. Their would be only a few scientists that could see how they distract themselves from themselves(fear) with their work and intellect,
    One meaning for the word sanity is calmness and peace of mind, so when a person is not calm or have peace of mind, to some extent they are insane! So what I see in the last 30 years is that what is talked about here in this video, along with spiritual based programs(12 step) can be successful, One can not be successful with out the other. It would wise to check out a letter from Dr Carl Jung to Bill Wilson, right before Dr Jung died.

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