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Drug Addiction : How to Recover from Alcohol Addiction

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To recover from alcohol addiction, you’ll want to seek some sort of therapy or counseling so you are not fighting your addiction alone. Recover from alcohol addiction with advice from a practicing psychiatrist in this free video on drug addiction recovery.

Expert: Dr George Northrup
Contact: docgmd.com
Bio: Dr. George Northrup earned his medical degree at The University of South Florida in Tampa and completed his psychiatry residency at The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

Series Description: Drug addiction is a life threatening illness, but these tips can help save someone’s life. Become aware of the signs and symptoms of drug addiction with help from a practicing psychiatrist in this free video series on drug addiction.
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Dr. Susan Fletcher of http://www.fletcherphd.com/ differentiates between an alcoholic and alcohol abuse. If you are suffering or know someone who might be suffering; watch this video.

20 thoughts on “Drug Addiction : How to Recover from Alcohol Addiction

  1. Noah Carver

    This is interesting and helpful. I'm taking an honest look at myself.

  2. John McCollum

    Q: what's the difference between an alcoholic and a drunk? A: alcoholics go to meetings

  3. TJ Hopkins

    thanx susan fletcher !!!

  4. PercivalBlakeney

    If you need to ask the question "Am I an Alcoholic?", chances are you already know the answer. 😔

  5. Peter Jamnický

    I have 20 clean days under my belt. 34 years old right now, abusing alcohol regularly since 15. More and more often.
    I couldn't agree more with statements posted in this video. It's so true.



  7. The Badger

    I agree more with what this Lady says more than just about any other trite bullshit so many other people regurgitate!! As a former heavy drinker/ alcohol abuser and recovering alcoholic, this is almost exactly what I have believed for a very, very long time.

  8. littleteethkeith

    If you are still able to drink hardcore up into your 30’s then you’re an alcoholic.

  9. Jay Somewhereinflyoverterritory

    What I find to be the biggest problem with substance abuse are the people who collude with the government, like Mad Mothers, and treatment centers, to use these poor people as cash cows to feed their greed for money. Take the alcoholism test, answer the questions truthfully, did you pass? If you are normal then most likely you did not pass and must check yourself into a rehab center immediately. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you must seek treatment or face legal hell, and once you find yourself in any rehab program. Please ask yourself this, is this nonsense really going to help me? Is all of the money that I have to pay to these people really worth it? My answer is a solid NO! I've been there and done it and have come to realize that it is nothing but a means to program, brainwash, and keep us impoverished. I was court ordered to have an hour appointment with a substance abuse councilor because of an OWI. She gave me the test and proceeded to roll out all of the group meetings, counciling sessions, etc. that I would have to attend, and pay for with what little money that I had at the time. I stopped this woman in mid sentence and told her that I did not feel that those programs would work for me as well as receiving help from my family would and that these programs would cost me too much of my hard earned money to be of any benefit. Holy shit! Her face froze solid, she tried to push me the other way, but I held my ground and she had nothing more to say except that she would recommend that my legal probation period should be extended by a year. That did not happen, actually I got a very good paying full time job and my probation was cut short and I was freed from further dealings with the court. I still drink and I drink more than I imagine that I should, but I bought a BAC, breathalyzer and use it and meter how many beers I drink on a work night and have had no problems with the law or my employer. A functional alcoholic I am, but I am also a happy person. I challenge anyone to find someone who is an AA regular, who does not drink, does not drink in a way that their fellow AA people would find out about it, that does not come off as a complete brainwashed zombie. This organization is so full of hypocrites as to make a sober person stagger.

  10. WrekkinM

    Anyone else has suspicions that she is an MTF transgender?

  11. Chuck norris

    Wait so if you binge drink once a week that’s bad? What the fuck am I suppose to do at a party? Lol

  12. douglas fortner

    My situation is probally a 180 degrees out from most users of alcohol. Every Wednesday of the week I buy and consume six sixteen ounce cans of beer. The alcohol in each can is rated at 5 % by volume. I don’t drink and drive. I always do my imbibing at home alone as I live by myself. I haven’t had any mental or physical problems that I can notice just looking at my body. I usually can finish the amount mentioned above in about three or three and a half hours time. My question is this : Do you think that I have a alcohol abuse problem ???ADDENDUM – I’ve been doing this more or less the last four years. Thank you for the correspondence, Doug.

  13. Curt Adkins

    She's sexy love them red heads

  14. Samuel J Blackwood

    This dumb cunt doesn't have a clue. If you continue to drink despite problems it causes you and can't control your intake when you drink/experience the phenomenon of craving then you are an alcoholic. Period.


    What if you're broke and can't afford your incredibly stupid solutions,? Bitch drink bleach.

  16. SimplyLimbo

    This video is shch horseshit. She contradict herself lol

  17. Sober Sherpa

    @2:50 in other words: "Have developed a addiction to alcohol. "

  18. midnight rider

    Holy crap. I need a friggin beer after watching this.

  19. C W

    Im drinking a 211 right now

  20. Allie 'n Everything

    Thank you for this video. I'm realizing my husband abuses alcohol. He's a teacher…. he uses it as a way to "fix" the fact that he has no control over if his students are learning or not. He complains to me that they just don't get it. Whatever teaching mechanisms he does, they just don't get it. And he uses alcohol to ease this stress. What can I do?

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