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Difference between binge drinking and alcoholism

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Difference between binge drinking and alcoholism

A surprising new government study on alcohol finds that even though one in three American adults drinks excessively, most are not considered alcoholics. Dr. Holly Phillips joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss the study.
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11 thoughts on “Difference between binge drinking and alcoholism

  1. William Henderson

    Reminds me of the famous quote from Richard Pryor: “I’m not addicted to cocaine. I’ve quit lots of times”.

  2. Tyson Nasty

    I'm hard

  3. Sho Kosugi

    There is no moderation for an alcoholic..Thats the point !

  4. Sho Kosugi

    Alcoholics don't have to drink everyday

  5. tiago83pt

    Dieses is like me I have diabetes.

  6. The Justinitiative

    It's called having fun when youre young. Ive had weekends where Ive slammed a whole 24 pack or chugged a whole bottle of whiskey, but when work day comes im back on my grind. Once im 30 (im 25 now) ill definitely slow down because ill be more focused on finding a good life partner and trying to raise a family; something which is a reward in itself.

  7. Bruno56

    I hate smoking & illegal drugs. But the real killer is alcoholism.

  8. Bruno56

    Say whatever you want. YOU are a drunkard!

  9. Michael Christos

    1:45 Charlie is an alchy.

  10. ParallaxView111

    This sounds like total b.s. It's like if you're rich you're eccentric; but if you're poor you're crazy. If you have money and you drink about, you're a binge drinker; but if you're poor, you're an alcoholic.

  11. SulforaphaneMeUp

    I can stop drinking. When I pass out on the floor, I am not drinking.

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