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Colicchie ” Drug Addiction ” ( prod by Big Jerm )

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Produced, recorded and mixed by Big Jerm. ID Labs Studio. Pittsburgh, Pa.
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20 thoughts on “Colicchie ” Drug Addiction ” ( prod by Big Jerm )

  1. stefhanie stojhovic

    Thisn gave me chills ive been clean sense 1/12/15 i just lost my sister from this shit thank you for your words .And congrats about your daughter Thank you again for the TRUTH

  2. Josh Hyman

    today April 18 -18 I am proud to say that I am 383 days clean and sober have no desire nor want to pick up that rig and get high I'm very happy not worrying with that shit and not looking for clean needles I'm proud to say yes I was a junkie but I beat the odds I'm no longer one I'm a drug addict in recovery

  3. Dennis Watts

    Every junkie or admitable junkie can relate to this song if no ur not true

  4. Bronsen Pronk

    take it in!!!!!

  5. moises cruz

    Bro this hits home hard relapsed after being clean for 3 months now back at it trying to get sober never thought I would face a battle like this

  6. William Barks

    Jump in or don't

  7. William Barks

    Got it

  8. Mercades Rixen

    this shit gave me chills. it hit so many levels for me! i listen to this daily! i know my road just beginning, but 7 days clean.

  9. Sammuel Carter

    I salute you 💯💯💯💯

  10. Michelle Parrish

    the song has touched me in my life so deeply I am myself a recovering heroin addict I am yet only 31 days clean but I am still very proud of myself you give me hope thank you for that

  11. John Jusko

    hi, i loved your video and i live drug addiction through my daughter, she lost her life in January of 2018. she was 31. she spent most of her adult life just as you. i understand your pain and all that you have been through. so many times i tried to save her. i cried through your song and especially the ending with your baby . i now have my daughters 4 and 12 year old girls. thank you for this song i will share it all the time and hope it reaches and helps others.

  12. Scotty Bob

    This is fucking big reality! 💪
    Keep up bro! Everything will ok!
    God stand always by you!❤

  13. shorty g

    The realistic shit ….I fucking love this!!!!!

  14. Makiah Tomada

    im growing up without my mom because shes addicted to heroin and used to take meth

  15. Wolfie and young zay

    Man my whole family In prison for heroine crack cocaine and meth I've only smoked weed cigs and drank I'm only 14 I'm tired of my life but your remind me there's hope

  16. Jayjayragz 90

    Stay clean stay out the box

  17. Mandy Quinley

    Damn this song goes so hard! Hits you hard in the gut! Recovery does happen. Sending up prayers for all those we have lost and those still in the struggle!

  18. Katherine Hannah

    It it's funny how some people never understand this lifestyle we live and have lived but I feel that high class people don't struggle as hard as we do when I mean we I mean us people that are below low class low as low as you can go but I also believe but even high class and middle-class people struggle with this issue but more so with people that feel they have nothing to strive for and nothing to keep them going the only thing I have to strive for in my life is a good man that loves me and treats me right that's the only thing that I got but it still seems like I'll never get out of this life and I'll never have nothing better

  19. Katherine Hannah

    Very true i live that life everyday

  20. mr toehead

    one word beuty my sons been batteling for a long bit live for tomarow

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