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BINGE DRINKING When You’re Depressed, Anxious, &/or Depersonalized

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This video is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat or diagnose. The opinions expressed are that of the individual in the video and nobody else. Please consult a health care professional for all mental and physical healthcare needs.

Alcohol and the role it plays in the life of a depressed or anxious person can be a touchy subject. THIS IS MY HUMBLE OPINION.

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My Story

My name is Noah and on May 18 2011, I had a rare reaction to a vaccine called VIVITROL and consequently spiraled into a major, agitated, suicidal depression with depersonalization. I lost 25 lbs in 4 weeks and was in full panic or near panic for 8 weeks straight mixed with the darkest most painful depression I cold have ever imagined. I immediately could not work and had to move in with my parents who along with many siblings and friends had to watch me 24/7 as I was so suicidal. I was eventually hospitalized. Getting through each day seemed truly unbearable and I knew I would surely die. I have been put on many many different SSRI’s SNRI’s Tricyclics, Mood stabilizers, anti psychotics, holistic meds, acupuncture and even a form of shock therapy called RTMS. I barely saw any improvement in my condition for a full year. It was decided I had treatment resistant depression and I spent nearly every moment in tears. Weeks after starting my newest round of medications (Seroquel & Nortryptaline) as a last ditch effort, I had my blood drawn for possible hormone imbalances and my Testosterone levels came back 200 ng/Dl and 150 ng/Dl. The average 25 year old male has 750 ng/Dl. With this discovery I for the first time had any type of possible explanation as to why I was not getting better and why I might be so so sick. The symptoms of such Low T are very similar to those of major depression. I started Testosterone replacement therapy soon after and have been checking in with the world and documenting my experience with treatment as well as giving my insight and perspective on various topics of mental health. I am blessed to say that I have slowly, over the last year and 10 months, been improving and becoming more stable which I never thought to be possible. My low T manifested itself in the form of Major depression, anxiety, and depersonalization/ derealization for over a year. Gaining some mental stability back is nothing short of a miracle as I was near death for what felt like forever. I do not consider myself to be totally healed yet but I am closer now then ever before and aim to use what I have been through to help or at least offer support to others in need I was able to successfully come off my Seroquel and Pamelor.

I work out all the time as a part of my mental health recovery!!! Weight training and all kinds of cardio rule much of my free time!
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20 thoughts on “BINGE DRINKING When You’re Depressed, Anxious, &/or Depersonalized

  1. Bobby j Steelz

    Pinapple head spence

  2. Nevena Tanaskovic

    I've managed to skip one weekend only so far, I always just start to feel to lenient towards myself as the weekend approaches. I can't believe how this habit is literally the thing I hate so much

  3. Marcus Layug

    Drink and alone rn fml

  4. haseygawa

    Hi Noah. Thanks for making the videos. I've watched a lot of your videos that I feel like I personally know you. I am dealing with depression also. Good luck to both of us. Take care.

  5. Paul Schroeder

    Good word man. I'll give this some thought. For me right now in my life, alcohol is my crutch. No one… I and I mean no one in my life knows that. I was raised a christian my whole life but right now I feel fucking lost at sea. I sometimes feel like alcohol is the only thing that makes life feel bearable. I'll figure my shit out though. Thanks for the positive thoughts, nice to feel like I'm not alone.

  6. Lanny

    It's 2018 and thanks for this

  7. William Valentino Von Haagen

    I suffer from social anxiety and depression and turned to alcohol and drugs. It felt awesome in the moment but after i felt worse. I’ve had three overdoses. One on ecstacy and two on cocaine which really messed me up. On all three ocassions inwas forced to the hospital in a very bad condition. I couldn’t even take a leak because i was so high and numb so they had to stick a catheter into my penis and empty my urine and i’ll never forget the pain. It fucking hurts alot. The ecstacy OD was seconds from killing me and i’m very lucky to be alive thanks to my mother who found me lifeless on the floor performing cpr until the ambulance came. I’ve been an alcoholic for about 4 years and i’m only 23. I spend basically 90% of all my money on alcohol and even scrap coins to get atleast two pints. Once i start drinking i can’t stop until i pass out. My tolerance has risen so high that i need atleast 6 pints to feel statisfied. I only drink to get drunk. It helps with the depression and anxiety but only for a short moment. Alcohol is just like drugs and should be banned.

  8. Rico Millz

    I wish I could get over my social anxiety. I just avoid people at all costs sober, even my own family.

  9. Craig Barr

    Ive just been a 2 day binge. I drink too much at weekends and I need help don't know how to overcome it. The withdrawal is horrible 🙁

  10. DreamBeliever365

    Keeping me back but I know Jesus is taking it all away. Without prayer, I’m done! Believe this or not, doesn’t matter to me.

  11. Macario Morua

    Needed to hear this my bro! You keep it to the realest! I have a fucking problem and that’s why I’m listening to you.. I can relate to you.. thank you for sharing

  12. punkrock4life

    I find the only time it fucks me up, is when I drink alone. The problem with that? Nobody wants to drink with me anymore. It's not anything personal just hey, people have lives. People grow up. I understand that. So yes, I have considered getting sober because I'm cool when I drink with other people but, finding a drinking partner isn't all that easy. If I'm drinking alone, I generally end up depressed and thinking about everything that brings me down. If I drink with other people, I'm always laughing and having fun. My relationship with alcohol, is a strained one, to say the least.

  13. Velcro

    Watching this video was like taking a right hook from Mike Tyson. Ohhhh boy…long journey ahead of me

  14. Hassan Saleh

    I was getting your message/point at first but when start pleasing everyone because you want them to stay on channel, that just made you a men without principle/weak and can’t have stand on issue.

  15. Nisstyaa somunya

    watching while drinking lol

  16. LilFluffBall

    Went from being 14, smoking and dipping chew. Pack/tin daily.
    16 started cutting and 19 now, 10 months drinking a 26 daily. Side affects are a bitch and I will say yes I do got a problem. I have not had a drink in 10 months… Went from half to a full 26 within the past three months… Oh well, life sorts itself out right?

  17. capo leader

    Sobriety is for quitters! I'm going to the bar! Later

  18. Cdn Walker

    I am not a normal drinker at this point, it has gotten out of hand and I need to quit and thank you for this video, I needed this right now, I don't think I am the type that can be moderate and I don't like what I am hiding (and that is a big indicator). Thank you

  19. Sir Lord Mr President Trump

    If I'm not constantly fuct up, I don't know what the fuck to do. Nothing in life seems to interest me anymore.

  20. jelloebeanxx

    Thankyou so fucking much man

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