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Alcoholism – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

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What is alcoholism? Alcoholism, or alcohol use disorder, is when somebody has problems controlling their drinking, which cause various physiologic, psychologic, and social issues. Find more videos at http://osms.it/more.

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20 thoughts on “Alcoholism – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

  1. Michael Rafati

    Anna post more stuff.

    I am not getting my do see eeeee of the stuff.

  2. Tambourine Man

    Alcohol has been a part of cultures for THOUSANDS of years.

  3. Payal Sharma


  4. Roger Ford

    im watching this wile drinking 2 litres of beer alonee

  5. Shawn Burton

    I remember drinking allot of strong alcoholic drinks about a decade ago mainly in 2008 to 2010 such as ice house, 211s, Schlitz bull ice, four loko, vodka, and tequila. Thankfully, I haven't drinked any alcoholic drinks in at least four years. Apparently, I remember my regular drinking back then started when I was living alone in a small apartment and my next door neighbor invited me to a bar down the road. This was back in mid 2006.

  6. kanyewest315

    can you do a video on alcoholic ketoacidosis?

  7. Helios Crow

    I have 11/11 of those symptoms o crap

  8. Tuppien Tuppi

    I'd like it if you had mentioned the DANGEROUS effects of alcohol on an unborn baby – many addicted women don't realize they're pregnant until it's too late, and unknowingly damages the brain of their unborn baby. This is important information.

  9. إسمَاعيل

    1:24 what opoids? You just said that ethanol induces endorphins not opioids

  10. Encourage Solutions

    This was a good and simple explanation of the physical side of alcoholism. It would be nice to have a similar video on the triggers and drivers of the psychological issues causing the addiction.

  11. Dr.Salman Patel

    Good explanation…

  12. mts2457

    0:37 lmao its a dog p; arf

  13. Debbie Sunlight

    Very good

  14. Bill Horton


  15. Bill Horton


  16. Nothing for Granted

    Now look at you! All you do is drink!!!

  17. Twisty the Clown

    as a recovered alcoholic of about 5 years, who drank periodically for 20 years … I claim alcoholism is an incredibly complex disease of several components … social, physical, psychological … I had hoped you would get into the dynamics of an alcoholic's metabolic disorders explaining why alcohol is poisonous specifically in an alcoholics body .. but you really didn't get into that. I personally have not responded well to any form of therapy (A.A., counseling, group, etc.) & only much later in life , faced with homelessness did I find the courage to say "enough" … in my opinion, A.A. .. which was formulated in the 1930s lacks broad appeal to alcoholics in the 21st century & is horribly outmoded and literally the meetings are peopled by non-alcoholics, transgenders, crack addicts, … the A.A. message is badly carried and people in meetings today feel they can speak at length even after professing to be non-alcoholic or even having a very short period of sobriety. As far as the pills and medicines you mentioned, I have been prescribed many in the past and I cannot claim to have been positively affected by any of them. Only after hitting rock bottom, losing every thing and living in homeless shelters did I find the solution to avoiding alcohol. Alcohol is a highly addictive drug that is unregulated in society. It is a great evil and not worth the cost in human life it claims for the small benefit it gives to those who enjoy it. Today I use nutritional supplements, physical exercise, purified (non fluoridated) water, meditation to maintain an attitude appropriate to abstinence and being able to cope with the demands of reality and emotional balance. I have forced myself to attend A.A. despite how utterly horrible many meetings can be .. because an alcoholic speaks an alcoholic's language & what I hear in these A.A. meetings lately is not my language …

  18. Dig Dug

    Excellent! I gave up in 93, if only there was info around like this!

  19. dviti sony

    Super….. explanation….🤗

  20. Cameron Alexander

    hA cause ethanol looks like a dog, funny

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