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Alcohol & Substance Abuse : Warning Signs of an Alcoholic

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An alcoholic usually refers to an individual who is dependent on alcohol, and not simply someone who has misused or abused alcohol. Look at the frequency and duration of hangovers as a sign of alcoholism with help from a licensed mental health counselor in this free video on alcohol abuse.

Expert: David Thomas
Contact: WTGTampa.com
Bio: Dr. David Thomas has been certified as a licensed mental health counselor in the state of Florida since 1986 and in the National Board of Certified Counselors since 1987.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

9 thoughts on “Alcohol & Substance Abuse : Warning Signs of an Alcoholic

  1. Jonathan Lehmann

    it's never you woke up needing a drink betore too even eat

  2. Kristelkay Palattao

    My father is alcoholic thats make our family feel sad about him.. he do drink i think every time ..i think my father get drunk 3times a day thats make my mothet feel very upset and sad and all of us.. can any body give me a tips to help my dad .. because i think he gonna die early because of tht addiction to alcohol my dad is just 55yrs old but if you look at him his just like brother to my grandpa..mu grand pa is 86yrd old now.. i feel sad about my dad what ever we say about him he never listen.

  3. Eifion Phillips

    Candida can cause alcoholism, sugar and dairy addictions too. Candida is a yeast that overgrows due to bad stress, eating too much bad foods like sugar, white starchy foods like pasta, rice and potatoes. Many say that too many antibiotics and even cancer drugs kill off too much good bacteria in the gut. Good bacteria is vital for human health as it keeps our immune systems strong preventing bad illnesses.

    Symptoms of Candida are: 24 hr fatigue, bad anxiety and depression, intolerance to dairy or gluten, skin rashes, acne, white coating on tongue, bad breath, sleep problems, athletes foot.

    It can become a vicious cycle where candida causes alcohol addiction because of bad depression and sugar cravings, and alcoholism leads to bad candida because of the sugar content it contains and more depression caused by drinking.

    If you want to test yourself for candida type in candida on youtube and look for candida spit test. If you have this, type in candida on youtube and look for a picture with 2 tongues on it. I posted a diet plan along with antifungals i took to kill mine, under Eifion Phillips.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Tonja Standhardt

    What has been drink 6 cans of beer day 20 ounce can sometimes he drink and drive all the time he's drinking on the way home from work to keep on the way to work I need you I live in Detroit

  5. YourCreative Corner

    Very informative, lol wish I lived in that part of Florida. That is where most of the help centers are. Is none of business what parts of my family do, but when they do it daily…Then I think its become an issue. Thank you for listening to my story.

  6. Evan Levow

    These are some good pointers how to recognize the warning signs of an alcoholic. I think that tolerance could be a sort of overlap between an alcohol abuser and an alcoholic.

  7. WestRidgeAcademyUtah

    Another informative and interesting video. Thanks Dr. Thomas.

  8. chris jones

    I drink because life sucks being sober ,and drinking helps me make it through the day ,so what if im alcohol dependant i feel good.

  9. Al

    Well i'm dependent on alcohol on friday/saturday nights..
    But i don't ''crave'' it during the week..so dependency is not always a sign of alcoholism unless they do have withdrawals for instance..

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