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Alcohol (Ethanol): What You Need To Know

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Ethanol, which is more often called alcohol, is the most popular recreational drug in the world. It offers depressant effects. It’s not particularly dangerous when dealing with moderate use, but it can become very dangerous with acute high doses or heavy chronic use. Alcohol has a longer history than most drugs.

Ethanol = Alcohol; Ethyl-Alcohol; Liquor; Spirits; Beer; Wine

Reddit discussion: https://www.reddit.com/r/TheDrugClassroom/comments/4fwggv/alcohol_ethanol/

PsychonautWiki Page: https://psychonautwiki.org/wiki/Alcohol

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20 thoughts on “Alcohol (Ethanol): What You Need To Know

  1. oi oi

    Best drug

  2. Safe and Sound

    Man I really love your videos. Just saying, I appreciate the "professional voice" and educational theme. I started my new job this week and I'm going to pledge on patreon asap.

  3. Keegan Lieberman

    As a 160 lb male, I thought that 6 drinks was a moderate dose to start the night off.

  4. marco

    Its also dangerous to take it with valproic acid

  5. Travis Bickle 2.0

    "I don't know if I started drinking 'cause my wife left me or my wife left me 'cause I started drinking… but fuck it anyway."― Ben Sanderson ~ Leaving Las Vegas

  6. Its Graphics

    Once when I was 15 I drank way too much with friends and ended up with a .27 bac. I don’t remember much, I felt the hangover for two days, just a really bad experience, never drink too much

  7. zion domacena

    The onset on me is 5min.

  8. Hidden TableSalt

    Yet people are against drugs like MDMA, LSD, Marijuana, and Mushrooms… Our society is one of the most backward ass operations of history.

  9. parodyvideos

    it's like you get intoxicated for 8 hours, next day you are often 12hours wasted. 20% of people turn on it into simply terrible people. i mean maybe this drug is so shitty because it's only natural occurence is when something is rottening? i think elephants only eat the apples because that's the only shit they can get. and finally it's fucking neurotoxic.

  10. Nathan Gerber

    Am I the only one who likes dizziness?

  11. Dropdown710 Dropdown710

    A hangover is due to dehydration, beer dehydrates you, alcohol in itself i believe dehydrates you possibly, anyway if you don't want a hangover if you plan on drinking heavily then you should have a cup or two or a 12 to 16oz bottled water for every three drinks. I don't know if the hangover pills work or not, they probably do , but i think drinking the water is healthier, but we know that you are gonna forget to drink water when you out or not drink enough so take a hangover pill anyway if you know you will be drinking that much.

  12. Richard's World Traveler

    Red Bull and vodka or Jagermeister for the win!

  13. lil fuck stick

    Do nutmeg

  14. Halil Zelenka

    wow, this drug is hard as fuck

  15. parodyvideos

    let's be honest it's a mediocre drug

  16. Armor under

    i need alckohol😩😩😩😩

  17. masonbrowne82

    you started off this by saying alcohol was a drug, that is wrong. Alcohol is not a drug it is a poison. being intoxicated is your body trying to inform you that you are being poisoned.

  18. Professor Smug

    Put speed to 0.5 and this guy is drunk

  19. ludy

    thank you for the video

  20. BaldManLogan

    I thought caffeine was the most popular psychoactive drug in the world?

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