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20/20 – HBO Documentary Alcoholism among Americans

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HBO documentary Risky Drinking

20 thoughts on “20/20 – HBO Documentary Alcoholism among Americans

  1. Teresa Macke

    the father with his 15 year old son….makes me sad ;(

  2. RLP1989


  3. anime1217

    I go through the DTs from just one week of heavy drinking and I'm only 24. It's individual. Some people can drink everyday for decades and have no withdrawals. Others like me only drink for a few years and get serious life threatening withdrawals like myself. Stay sober people!

  4. Kyle Wingert

    Not going to say that I don't appreciate the content, but I am going to say this is completely FAKE! Paid actors and not a documentary at all! HBO hits hard at points but so weak on the story. Nearly as hard to watch as it is to live with an alcoholic or be an alcoholic! CRINGE WORTHY BULL SHIT!

  5. T3t4nu5

    "The whole point of drinking is turning your brain off for once"
    Yeah, lady. "For once". lmao

    She doesn't sound like she's ever used it.

  6. Brett Plowman

    OMG!… If I had a girl like Marcia she would be treated like a queen….. There's just no more girls like her here in Australia… I was with my wife for 17yrs and was faithful to her the whole time and treated her too good apparently because when I found out she had numerous affairs she said it was my fault for being too good to her…… WTF!

  7. celdinurmavis

    We re alive and…we haven't been raped yet. Wtf?

  8. OLD BAY

    Drugs have proven to be addictive, and have never yielded anything good. From the hippies experimenting with them until now, it has been a definite cancer in our society, and has warped American minds to rationalize everything that may be considered wrong for them. Alcohol is a drug, take the substance it was made with from it and the water, its pure ether, and many dont realize when they pass out, the next step is death. But its tricky for several reasons, one its legal, and the reason it is legal brings us to two, many people can drink very social, and never have a problem with it. However, many cant. Alcoholism was diagnosed as a disease in 1956, addiction as a whole was diagnosed as a disease as well in 1987.But my opinion was this was done because of the war on drugs, many clinics and rehabs needed insurance companies to cover it, so they had it called a disease. The same was true in 56, only it was not as severe then, however most alcoholics were near death by the time this happened, with no jobs. Alcoholism however is hereditary, and that's where the old fashioned phrase, "bad blood" and "he sees snakes" come from. Research was done on it by taking old winos with no families run over by trains or froze to death, and examined their brains. They found a substance growing on the brain called THIQ, the same substance that makes heroine highly addictive, and why real alcoholics withdrawal is just as bad. (if interested in more http://callais.net/FS_EDU_THIQ.html ) I started drinking at age 12, and both sides of my family owned bars, throw that in with the fact Im Czech/Irish, drinking was a part of my culture, and very accepted. Drugs were not. I call myself an alcoholic though I tried heroine, shooting whiskey, did speed and coke on a regular basis, acid and if we became broke which usually we did, I have even huffed starter fluid from a paper bag. But my binges always started with drinking, and usually ended with it. Once drunk, Id go until I was broke, or out of booze or drugs. But war stories are idle chatter, what usually makes people want to keep drinking is so many do, and have no problems. And the fact to PARTY is all Americans live for, and like me if the guy by me seemed to handle it, I could. I was wrong. I was diagnosed as manic depressed, bi polar, thought to maybe have split personality, and once fell into what they called a depression coma. I took everything from Lithium to some shit an Indian woman swore would cure me, but I never got better until I went entirely clean from everything, but cigarettes until 6 years ago, but I will admit, Im to damned fat and battling that now, lol. I had to change my life 90%, my thinking 100%. Addiction is not a disease, its a choice. You wake up everyday and choose to stay clean, or rationalize a bunch of stupid excuses and use. If your not sure your an alcoholic, ooorrrr swear your not when others say you are, its simple. This is not to be told to anyone but YOU. Go to a bar, sit at home, where ever you enjoy drinking the most, and do some CONTROLLED drinking. A social drinker can drink one,two, maybe three drinks over a few hours, stop, and may not want anymore for a week or two days or a month. A problem drinker will want to drink to their limit, or even tie one on, and does NOT want to go without it, but can stop their self with out anything but maybe some slight withdraw symptoms if need be due to changes in life. An alcoholic, will NOT stop, until drunk or broke, or both and will use every excuse in the book of why they should be able to drink, or get aggressive and just clearly say they dont care who likes it, their doing it anyway. Now this may not happen EVERY time they drink, and they may go weeks without any, but when they do drink, the longer they have drank, the less control they have over it. But life can get better, I had 14 years of sobriety and relapsed several times. Im now working on 12 years, take my world for it, life is actually better with out, but its not easy, its a process, not an event. My life is simple now, and I wont live it any other way….

  9. peterc

    How boring. Eventually their looks will deteriorate radically. So will their mental health. Regret lies in store for many of these people.

  10. Rae Crider

    What was that girls blue balls costume with the mouse ears? My roommate and I have been trying to figure it out literally all night.

  11. Nothing for Granted

    Only thing worse than alcoholism is the fuckload of retards who can't pick up a book and learn about this disease. The ignorance is rampant and disgusting, you weren't born an addict?? Congrats on your genetic lottery win dumbasses, all they need is a good fist to the face to bring them back to reality! 👊

  12. Bigcauc505

    yeah, this isn't scripted.

  13. Ryan B.

    Im glad I can handle my shit and not act like a crying pussy.

  14. Nicole Baum

    If you or someone you know has been affected by the disease of addiction, come find support on Facebook @ No Addict Left Behind. Online support with people who care. Resources may be available.

  15. Pri.S

    It humours me that people think addiction is that easy to get over and that alcoholics are "weak". Addiction does not only consume the lives of those that are "weak" because it is due to chemical reactions in the brain and increased levels of dopamine and other neurotransmitters and THIS can happen to anyone. Not everyone reacts the same to alcohol or any other substance for that matter, this is why some individuals suffer from alcohol addiction while others suffer from food addiction, gambling addiction, etc. Educate yourselves instead of putting down those that are struggling.

  16. Mrs. Greene

    I was feeling depressed and then began listening to "That Happy Feeling" by Bert Kaempfert and snapped right out of it, with a smile on my face.

  17. Mrs. Greene

    Opening up about how we feel and sharing all helps us to be less lonely, anxious, hurt or angry.

  18. bosoxno9

    LOL that first bitch looks and acts like my ex (for obvious reasons) wife………….what a shit cunt

  19. I Farted


  20. Boere vir Satan

    Moderation is bullsh!t

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